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Planet Jupiter, the powerful planet, is called a giant of the celestial system. The planet Jupiter takes approx 12 years to loop the Sun and transit in one sign for around one year. As per Indian Mythology, Jupiter is the preceptor of Gods. In Kalpusha Kundli, it has the lordship of 9th house, and hence it rules the fortunes. Jupiter is the karaka of wealth and principal governor for Money.

He rules the fats, organ, liver, veins, arteries, and thighs. Jupiter further governs higher education and knowledge, science, truth, law, reason, and judgment and implies judges, councilors, bankers, agents, brokers, scholars, philosophers, philanthropists, etc. Being the karaka of the 5th house governs financial dealings, speculation, shipping trade, and international affairs.

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The person controlled by Jupiter is usually termed good-humored. Jupiter gives features as cooperation, sociability, hope, faith, benevolence, charity, worship, compassion, kindness,. Justice, honesty, honor, spirituality, and also well-developed societies. In the business class, the person governed by Jupiter become engaged infamous large businesses and deal in subjects related to an attorney, lawyers, judges, bankers, financiers, brokers, and practitioners. Science and medicine, insurance, and business traveling reserve their thought and further affairs of philanthropic, kind, charitable, and spiritual or benevolent import.


Jupiter denotes the ‘Greater Fortune’ unless he is ill-placed in the birth chart/horoscope. Planet Jupiter provides a piece of great luck upon the person who is suited for states of honor, pride, dignity, faith, trust, or power, control in business and social gatherings — possessing a sound, broad intelligence, essential confidence, self-reliance, energy, and determination. Jupiter is a passionate, generous, honest, noble, bountiful, benevolent, useful, fruitful, humored, jovial, positive, optimistic, favorable, and dignified planet.


Jupiter is the most notable planet amongst all other planets. Though several other planets may be ill-placed and threaten challenges to a person. If planet Jupiter is strong and well placed in a Birth chart, the person will possess the fortunate help at least at the last minute to tide above the challenges and procure rid of all evil. Planet Jupiter further shows how notably one will respect the seniors, mentors, preceptors, and holy scriptures. Jupiter makes one law-abiding, faithful, honest, reliable, sincere, and respectful. If Planet Jupiter is afflicted in the Birth Chart, the person will be radical, extremist, and unconventional. He will be wasteful, extravagant, rich, and lavish. The additional ill outcomes would be over-optimism, false beliefs, negligence, debts, arguments, disputes, failure in speculation, betting, gambling, worry by children, false fame, loss of honor, a mistake in judgment, and miscalculation, etc.


The person ruled by planet Jupiter will be solidly built and may have a large belly. They will have sufficient growth in childhood, have a muscular body. Bright yellow with pale brown eyes and hair, his speech is clear, convincing and powerful, His dress is yellow.


He denotes property, wealth, prosperity, fortune, success, peace, comfort, happiness, good morals and conduct, honor, respect and reputation, regard for seniors and teachers, excellent mental, physical health, faith, optimism, sound judgment, wisdom, generous spirituality nature, happiness from children.
Ill placed Jupiter are extremes, over-generous, overeating, overindulgence, bad reputation, poor judgment, conflict, struggle, loss in prosecution, the problem with authorities, diseases, etc.