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Benefits of Vastu

Benefits of Vastu: as per the traditional Indian system of architecture and design of Vedic origin.
Vastu means the place of the dwelling of humans and Gods. Teachings of Vastu give us strength, energy, safety, and longevity of a building and provides peace, harmony, progress, growth, and financial prosperity and stability of inhabitants. Vastu systems provide us with sound health, peace, comforts, happiness, wealth, success & bring balance in our life. Vastu can improve the condition for better, although not to overlook one's fate, Karma, and individual horoscope, which also affect the results.
Vastu Consultant explains that there are Ten directions as per the principle of Vastu. Each direction including Lord Bramha as lord deity of heights & Lord Vasuki as lord deity of Patal & eight other directions ruled by deities. These ten deities were also known as ten dikpala.

Vastu Shastra According to Wikipedia
Vastu Shastra (Vaastu Shastra) is a traditional Hindu method of architecture (Design and Construction), which translates to the "science of architecture." Those are manuscripts discovered on the Indian subcontinent that illustrate systems of design, layout plan, dimensions, soil testing, and place arrangement. Vastu Shastras include classical Hindu and in many cases, Buddhist faiths. The drawings are designed to combine structure with nature.

Importance of Vastu
In Sanskrit word, Vastu means a dwelling or home with a corresponding plot of land. The vrddhi, Vastu, conveys the sense of "the plot/site or foundation of a house, plot/site, ground, home or dwelling-place, habitation, residence, house." The underlying root is vas "to live, live, dwell, reside" The term Shastra may loosely be translated as "doctrine, stay, education."
Vastu Shastra (literally, the science of dwelling) are classical Sanskrit texts of architecture. These comprise Vastu Vidya (precisely knowledge of housing).
In simple words teaching of Vastu advise us for selection of land/plot, analysis of land, plot & structure around the plot, the slope of the plot, shape of the plot, the position of the main door, stairs, septic tank, compound wall, master bedroom, other family member's room, drawing room, bathroom/toilet, attached bathroom, kitchen, study room, Puja room, dining room, servant room, guest room, parking, etc.

The Benefits and Objective of Vastu
The following points are some advantages that one can enjoy in a home 

To tell us the right way of living: The person live or work in Vastu Compliant Places are usually satisfied with their surroundings. They get maximum benefits from the Five Elements (five elements are EARTH, AIR, SPACE, FIRE, and WATER), which is plenty in nature by gravitational force, spiritual energy, solar energy, lunar energy, and also cosmic forces.

Mental peace: the person will benefit materially as well as mentally. It helps to create a stress-free and supporting environment that leads to a prosperous life. 

Happiness: Vastu compliance place motivates you and maximizes your effectiveness.

Good health: A Vastu compliance place helps to Enhances your health, energy, and vitality.

Prosperity: Vastu Improves financial success. Increase income potential and helps in Career Success.

Good relationships among family members: It assists in Improves your relationships. It creates a harmonious, friendly, and peaceful atmosphere in your home.


  • Enhances the performance of employees
  • Creates opportunity expansion in business and an increase in profit 
  • Improve your creativity, ability, and knowledge