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Vastu for Guest Room

In classics days, Guest at home was treated as GOD. Today in some segments in India still there is culture to treat Guest as Dev Swaroop.

Vastu Tips For Guest Room

1. The best place for Guest Room is the Northwest Corner of Building; Northwest is a most suitable and ideal place for Guestroom

2. You must not plan to construct the Guestroom in the Southwest corner of the building at any cost. as SW is suitable for Bedroom for the head of the family

3. Do not do any act that may heart the sentiments of Guest

4. Do not allow the Guest to interfere with your family matter.

5. Provide the best services to guests. If possible plan attached bathroom with Guestroom

6. The second best place of Guestroom is the Southeast corner (Agneya). The southeast corner room is also suitable for the Guestroom.

7. Make proper arrangements for ventilation in the guest room.

 Also, follow the following Vastu guidelines while planning Vastu for Guest room click below to Read More

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