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Vastu for interior designing

Vastu Shastra is an art of making us live in a healthy and peaceful environment. This is done by having a harmonious relationship with nature. Vaastu Shastra keeps a balance among the five elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space. Sometimes applying the principles of Vastu Shastra in any structure to its 100% is not possible. In that case, interior design with the Vastu is the best solution. Interior designing is related to everything that is inside a building. It is also related to making arrangements of furniture and furnishings/ lighting/colors/accessories etc. Interior designing as per Vastu Shastra makes it sure to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life. 
Vastu Shastra has some principles which guide us for the interior decoration of the building. For this purpose, an experienced Vastu consultant divides the building into two zones. One category is the positive zone, and the other is the negative zone. The main aim of the Vastu expert is to keep positive zones light as compared to the harmful zones. By doing so, positive energy is created inside the structure, which leads to good health and prosperity.

There are some Vastu guidelines/tips for the interior of the house/ office /building. If these tips are properly followed, then we live a harmonious and prosperous life.


Vastu tips for the interior of the house/ office


Vastu for the flooring: Vastu for the flooring of the building, Vastu Shastra suggests which type of flooring is best for your structure.


Vastu for colors: Vastu suggests the colors of paints for different rooms of your house.


Vastu for curtains/ furnishings: Vastu suggests the colors of curtains and other furnishings of different rooms of your house According to Vastu, colors preferable for the curtains of the bedroom are not for the living room.


Vastu for lighting: Vastu Shastra provides us suggestions for the types and colors of different lighting schemes of different rooms.


Vastu for furniture: the type, shape, and material of furniture of different rooms is suggested, according to Vastu Shastra.


Vastu for kitchen interior: It is related to the color of paint, placement of gas stove, chimney, as well as other electrical appliances like microwave, geyser, etc. If all these are done correctly, then it ensures good health for the housewife as well as other family members.


Vastu for plants: Vastu Shastra suggests the indoor plants be kept inside and to be avoided also.


Vastu for mirror/painting/ statues/ sculptures: Vastu Shastra tells us about the direction and type of all these to create positivity in the building.


If you are planning to hire an interior designer, then you should opt for a Vastu professional cum interior designer for the purpose. 

By vast expertise of over 15 years, we have achieved perfection in serving our customers. Our stunning interiors not only enhance the look of your house/ office but also bring happiness and harmony. By our exceptional solutions based on the principle of Vastu Shastra, we assure you nothing but the best of Vastu solutions by interior design.