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Career Report

Rs. 3100

Career Report

Ask Acharya has the Best and qualified Astrologers Team to offer the best astrology service. Our renowned Astrologer analyses your Horoscope/ Birth Chart thoroughly to obtain out what is your Career in the coming years. For instance, change in job, transfer, promotion, demotion, suspension, increment, moving abroad, relationship with seniors, co-worker, or junior. You can also ask a specific question about your Career. Ask Acharya has a successful track record of satisfied clients with the best Vedic astrology service  

Career Analysis Report

Career Analysis Report specifically describes you how you will fare in Career over the next upcoming years.

Contains in Career Analysis Report

  1. Your potential in Career, your personality, objects in Career.
  2. Your unity with your seniors and juniors & associates
  3. Career tracks - proper areas for success in work /job
  4. A suitable form of earning your living: Business (with or without a partner). Profession work without manufacturing like consulting / sales etc. or job
  5. What would be most suitable: Job/Service - Private/Government
  6. Business/Profession: Area of work - manufacturing, consultancy, agency, service industries, research, etc.
  7. What kind of product/category is suitable: art & culture, banking & investment, chemical engineering & architecture, luxury items, entertainment, metal/mining, farming, real estate, research, science & technology, etc.
  8. Predictions for the next (up to) upcoming years in Career including the time of promotion/transfer/problems & period when you should avoid changes and require to be careful. 

It helps you determine your periods of tremendous growth or golden period professionally.