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Main Door Vastu


Main Door Vaastu

The main door of the residence is the face of a human being. The main door should produce positive vibes. You must follow the principles of Vaastu for the Main Door. Follow proper Muhurat & Pooja for fixing the Main door. Any dwar vedha or an obstacle like a tree, an electric or telephone pole, mud, wall, well, stone, ditch, generator set, temple, open-drain, or any deserted building, etc. should not be opposite the main door.


Vastu for Main Door: Main Door Vaastu Theory

There are different theories about the location of the main door.


Theory of Vishwakarmaprakash 

Theory in Vishwakarmaprakash: Auspicious directions for different categories of people are different; thus, it is a very constricted view.


 Exalted Zones Theory

According to the Theory of Exalted Zones, the north and the east directions are beneficial, as these are respectively the sources of benefic magnetic and solar radiation.


Theory of Middle of the Building

The main door should not be in the middle of the Residential building by all means, but it can be in the middle of a wall in the public buildings, king’s palace, historical and monumental buildings, religious places, etc. where privacy is not the prime criteria.


Planetary Position Theory

Planetary Position Theory allots spaces to the nine planets from Sun to Saturn and Rahu and Ketu starting from southeast and northwest; therefore, place the main door in the areas occupied by Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury because of their natural benefic nature.


Sage Vashishtha’s Theory

The best principle regarding placement of doors has been propounded by sage Vashishtha. Stand inside the building. Face towards the wall where the main entrance is to be placed. The main door should be placed in the fourth part from left, after dividing the direction into nine equal parts.


General Vastu recommendations regarding doors


  1. The main door should be more massive of all the doors
  2. Never fix the main gate on the extended or reduced part of the plot.
  3. Do not have the main door directly facing the main door of the other house.
  4. Do not have a septic tank under the main entrance door.
  5. The door should not open or close by itself. In such a situation, it will be a cause of accidents.
  6. Keep the door in the right position by the provision of stoppers etc.
  7. At the time of opening or closing the door, it should not create a harsh, unpleasant sound.
  8. The main door should be strong and beautiful.
  9. A flight of steps should lead to the main door.


Important Vastu Tips for Main Door


  • Be sure to make the main door while doing original construction.
  • Open the main door into a room at an angle of 90° to the wall.
  • Always open the door inside.
  • The front door, preferably, should not have a view of the back door.
  • The back door must be smaller than the main gate.
  • Avoid more than three doors in one straight line.
  • The number of all the doors should be even but not ending in zero eg, 10, 20, 30, etc.


Decoration of Main Door

The main door should be decorated by auspicious signs like swastika, bell, pictures or paintings of Gods etc. or placing beautiful lush plants & flowers.


Door Position according to the direction

  1. Main door Vaastu for North Facing.
  2. Main door Vaastu for East Facing House.
  3. West Facing door Vaastu
  4. South facing door Vaast


In conclusion, to live a peaceful and prosperous life, it is essential to realize the principles of Main Door Vaastu.

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