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Life Partner Report

Rs. 2100

Life Partner Report: This Report assists you to select your love/ life partner. Ask Acharya experienced and qualified astrologers assess the harmony among couples to see if their planets promote a good, healthy, and sound relationship. By studying your horoscope/birth chart. Our astrologers' team will analyze your affection, closeness, intimacy, love, with your spouse/ love partner. Also, whether there is any harmony, comfort, and happiness in the marital relationship. Our Astrologers will further advise essential Vedic astrology remedies to deliver you joy and pleasures. These remedies will help you a meaningful, happy, and trouble-free life but additionally make you and your spouse caring, sensitive, and responsive to each other.


How is my Life Partner be?

 "How is my Life Partner be" is a unique love/marriage report. It explains to you all about the future of your love partner or spouse, including his or her physical characteristics, the overall personality, the psychological outlook, intellectual level, and several other exciting things. This report is extremely detailed, accurate, reliable, and prepared using a combination of traditional Vedic beliefs with advanced astrological means.


Examine your Love partner by the aid of Vedic Astrology!


How is that Report?

 The "one" meant for you in your life is predestined. When you find your fantasy and how your partner will look like are pre-decided by destiny. Using your birth details, our Qualified Astrologer will prepare your horoscope with the help of your birth details. To see into marriage and relationship possibilities between you and your partner, Ask Acharya astrologers take into consideration the following points:

The 7th house in the birth chart.

Planet Venus:- the planet of love and romance.

Planet Jupiter:- the planet of luck and abundance.

All above this, some more points are taken into the examination to make this Report — for example, D-9 (Navamsa) sub-divisional charts, etc.


Is this Report is beneficial?


 If you are alone, then this will be interesting to know what type of soul is predetermined to be with you in your life. If you are already connected, you will know if the person you are with is a part of your destiny or not. This Report will also describe the nature of your love partner, the class of personalities you get attracted to, the description of the relationship you are going to have, etc. It additionally includes the possibilities of various relationship. In situation there are any upsetting features seen in your love life, this Report will provide you useful astrological remedies. 


 How to get it?


 To get this Report you have to provide us your birth details, i.e., date, time and place of birth. In case you do not know the accurate time of birth, you can first go for Birthtime Rectification. It's an exclusive Ask Acharya service through which we reverse engineer your accurate Birthtime.

 You can request for the special combination of this Reading plus 1-2 questions about your Love partner. Your Question/queries will be answered along with the Report.