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Vastu for Hostel: Education plays an essential role in a person's life. For earning an education, students go to school, colleges, and Universities. All these play a vital role in a student's life. Sometimes due to one or the other reason the student can't go to the educational institute and come back daily to home. The main reason is the distance of that particular Educational Institute. Sometimes many kinds of sacrifices, adjustments, and compromises are required. That's why the students have to live in the hostels.


A hostel is an establishment which provides accommodation to the students to study as well as stay there. It is a place where many students live together, having a different mindset, lifestyles. Which sometimes results in fights and issues. But all these problems can be controlled if the surroundings are harmonious and full of positive energy.


Vastu Shastra for hostels provides many guidelines to make this place a happy, satisfied, and harmonious one. For students studying and living, there must be constructed in such a way that there may not have any problem like suicide, strikes, etc.


Ask Acharya Vastu Consultant take care of some essential aspects while studying the hostel Vastu. A good Vastu consultant thoroughly analyses some points and according to that gives his opinion.


A Vastu consultant take care of following points which while studying about the hostels Vastu:---


  • The exterior of the office, like shape, slope, height, water level, etc..
  • The location of the beams.
  • The direction and location of the entrance and doors of the hostel building.
  • The direction and placement of hostel rooms
  • The direction and placement of the office
  • The direction & placement of the reception and parking area.
  • The direction &  installation of electrical devices like generators, inverters, AC, etc.
  • The direction and placement of the staircase and lifts.
  • The direction & installation and type of furniture in the hostel rooms.
  • The direction and placement of the hostel kitchen/ pantry.
  • The direction and placement of washrooms and toilets.
  •  The direction and placement of the water sources like overhead and underground water tank.
  •  The direction & placement of the water disposal or the septic tank.


By considering all the above points according to the Vastu principles, the students living in the hostel do not get involved in any bad habits and learn a better way of life. Besides, there will be a balance in the energy surrounding the building. Thus giving the students a comfortable and harmonious life