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From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

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Tauras General Forecast for the year 2021: This year you will be successful on many fronts. You may get unexpected success in trade and business. Your health might be weak this year. Rahu can be the cause of dangerous and fatal diseases. Jupiter and Saturn will give force to the possibility of enhancement of luck.  Due to Mercury's position, Before money comes in, expenses will be ready.

There be no deficiency of funds this year, but you won't accumulate money either. Venus is watching your horoscope. You will work diligently, and you will also reap the gains to some extent. From the aspect of family affairs, the year will be very well-disposed and nice. The harmony between husband and wife will be pleasing. There will be chances of promotion in your career and job due to the position of Jupiter. Take your job sincerely. The situation will be fewer earnings and more expenditure. It would help if you looked at your wasteful expenditures somewhere or the other.

There will be possibilities of travel, although they will not have any concrete or valuable results. One can see some difficulties during these travels. This year your chief and your executives will be satisfied with your job.The circle of your associations will increase this year. Your associations with influential politicians and officials will mature more profoundly and more potent. You will use their recommendations and contacts in some matters. There are strong chances of buying a house, land, building, vehicle, etc. You will take care of your father will full dedication and will get his blessings directly and indirectly. Matters about home and division might get complicated. You are a Venus-dominated person, and Venus has its focus on your horoscope. There will be more contact with the opposite gender, be careful in your closing.

This year, Saturn will provide a good flow of money, but disease and enemies will prevail in the sixth house because of the evil eye. It would help if you were careful from opponents this year. The year will be great from the perspective of the family-relationship and harmony between husband & wife will be very good, and your relationship with your colleagues will also be good. There can be some disagreements among mother-in-law & daughter-in-law, etc. You have to be extremely careful in your business dealings and make cool-headed judgments. Decisions in anger and emotion can prove to be losing propositions. Towards the end of the year, there is the chance of some auspicious celebration. This year there will be chances of adding to the property.


Tauras Health and Physical Wellbeing Forecast for the year 2021


Health and Physical Wellbeing for Tauras Sign: In this year, your health will remain good. Rahu will cause you gas-induced diseases or fever, Knee pain, stomach problems, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Take care of your health with a routine checkup. Do regular exercise, diet control, walks, yoga; this will help to get you in shape. Get control of your eating habit during the year. If you have any medical ailment, get it solve before June. There are some indications of vehicles causing obstacles. Take all cares while driving.


Tauras Career, Business, and Wealth Forecast for the year 2021


Career, Business, and Wealth for Tauras Sign: Those born under the Taurus sign are adept at trade. This year you will employ your business knowledge and will take an inherent and powerful decision. In 2021, you will make full use of your power, efficiency, ability, skill, capability, and resources. It will help to increase your profits. The business that has been badly affected will be put back on track with your efforts. Do your work with all sincerity and devotion.

During April you will make an essential decision concerning business. The idea of expansion that had been getting delayed for a long period will be on the grounds. In your profession, you will give your best. Your focus will be on achieving your objectives. The advice of friends can positively help to boost your fortune. New methods, new skills, and the new device will take your trade and career to new heights. Your influence and stature in your field will increase. Keep separate your personal and career fronts. There may be a chance that you may face some government-related problems.


Tauras Family and Children Forecast for the year 2021

Family and Children for Tauras Sign: This year will give you regular and valuable fulfillment from a family perspective. You will get the complete support of your family members. The people will experience your strong features. There may be chances of tension between life partners on small issues.  The education of your children, career, and marriage will be at the root of your worries. You should not put too much stress on your child's learning.  Take care of him; otherwise, he may have some depression. The mediation of some people will solve disputes related to property. You should bring flexibility and sincerity to your practice. It would be best if you did not have many expectations from your in-laws. Your child may get admission to a prestigious school or institute. Take care of the health of a family member. Do not involve yourself in suspicious money deal with unknown people as it may put you in a big problem.


Tauras Education,and Career Forecast for the year 2021


Education,and Career for Tauras Sign: This year, you will not pay due attention to your studies. Concentrate on your studies. Students who are working in technical or science fields will get success. Planets position indicating progress in your profession. An opportunity for a job is waiting for you.  There is also a chance that you may get government jobs, but that will be due to your total commitment, faith, and hard work. You will fulfill your specified goals in the career, and your seniors will support you.

As a bonus, you might get a promotion and an increase in your salary. Don't waste your time on vacation and fun. A sharp eye on your goals and destination will take you to a great height.


Tauras Love and Romance Forecast for the year 2021

Love and Romance for Tauras Sign: At the beginning of the year, you must be very careful as a love affair can bring you a big problem. You will get a love proposal. But, there may be a chance that your love secrets get in the air. It will directly influence your relationship and personal life. So keep away from illicit love affairs. You will get support and help your friends and relatives.


Tauras Auspicious Occasions Forecast for the year 2021


Auspicious Occasions for Tauras Sign: This year, there are chances of purchasing land, building, property, or vehicle. Keep control of excess expenditure to avoid taking a loan. You will have to keep a fund ready for a child's education, wedding, or any other ceremony, etc. At the end of the year, there will be something encouraging and auspicious to occur.


Tauras Loans, and Mishappenings Forecast for the year 2021


Loans, and Mishappenings for Tauras Sign: Take proper care for this year as there may be chances of some losses this year. You will also not be recovered from past losses. So you might have to borrow money for a plot or any property. Keep an eye on every action of your co-worker, partner, and employees, as there may be chances that your business information can get leaked or there can be any big cheat in your accounts.