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Vastu for Mall or Commercial complex

Vastu for Mall or Commercial complex: Nowadays, shopping malls/commercial complexes are common in many cities, whether they are small cities or  Metropolitans. A mall/ commercial complex is a place where most of the things are available under a single roof, including theatre or cinema hall, restaurants, food court, different offices, different kinds of showrooms or shops, game zone, Departmental Store, etc. Very few malls/ commercial complexes attract a large size of customers. The rest of them are unable to attract customers to their place.
Only a vibrant, nourished, and positive Vastu energy makes it possible to attract more and more customers. When the customers are more, the chances of earning profits are good. The construction or renovation with the principles of Vastu assures you to make the business of shopping mall/ commercial complex a successful one.
If a mall/ commercial complex is constructed or renovated by following the principles of Vastu, it is going to be more successful than others.

Vastu Consultant for Shopping Mall

Vastu Consultant for Shopping Mall or Commercial complex Vastu gives proper and adequate advice on building it. Vaastu Shastra's suggestion helps to gain success, wealth, and prosperity.
Some essential points are according to the principles of Vastu Shastra and preferred to be considered for the mall/ shopping mall/commercial complex Vastu.

  1. Surroundings or exterior of the Mall i.e. land, slope, elevation, etc.
  2. The shape of the plot where Mall is to be constructed
  3. The entrance of the shopping mall
  4. Location of the parking area
  5. Location of staircase, escalators, and lifts
  6.  Location of the shops, showrooms, and offices in the Mall.
  7. Location of the washrooms and toilets
  8.  Place of the water supply units
  9. Area of the food court and  restaurants
  10. Location of electrical appliances like generator, electrical panels, etc.
  11. Location and type of the plants inside and outside of the mall