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Vastu for Home

Vastu for Home or House: is a combined strategy; it means that if you do Vaastu for each room and parts of a home, then a Home automatically becomes as per Vastu Shastra compliance Home.

Vastu is simple and easy; you must learn Vastu for doing Vastu for your home. If you do not know what Vastu is, then you to see our post, which empowers you to understand the majesty and positivity of Vaastu Shastra. The following are the  Vastu tips to make your Home a Vastu compliant one to obtain success, prosperity, and abundance.

Vastu for Home – What Vastu for House is it?

Let's understand the phrase "Vastu for home" 

Vastu: Vaastu is a classical Indian science of enhancing positive energies and dismissing negative energies in and around a place or person. The more positive vibes are around you, the more wealth and health will attract towards you.

Therefore, it is clear that Vastu generates health, wealth, and prosperity in the life of people.

Home: Now, a house or apartment is the area where a person or family "lives," and by lives. There is a difference "stays in" and lives in, as you just "stay" in a hotel and not live in there.

House or home is made up of love, passion, emotions, and feelings like love, affection, and warmth.

You are "emotionally attached" to home, you admire your home and experience a harmonious vibration with your home or house, and the home also experiences the same waves with you. Therefore you imagine the pain you suffer had something happen to your "home."

There is a strong relationship between all the emotions and vibrations. Sentiments and emotions are nothing but vibration, and vibrations are nothing but expressions of energy.

Therefore a house or home is the Place among which a family or a person shares their vibrations and vice versa.

Till the time house or home and inmates share positive energies, everything remains fantastic, though as soon as negative energies come in a home, things become ugly.

How negative energies affect you?

For every positive, there is negative energy also. Therefore for every positive feeling or energy, there is an equivalent volume of negative energy existing in the cosmos. If negative energies enter your home, it starts to affect you; physically – by making you suffer medically, also spiritually and mentally – by keeping you tense, forcing you to make faulty decisions.

So it is very much clear ''Vastu for House'', or a Vastu compliant home can rid negative energy and allow, receiving, improving, and also enhancing only the positive energies.

Vastu Compliance home will always have a positive impact on you as inhabitants, and you will prosper, be triumphant, victorious, and experience abundance and peace.

Vastu for Home | What's the Importance?

If any people live in a Vastu non-compliant home, one will have to face many difficulties, evils, and unfavorable circumstances.  

What will go wrong in Vastu's non-compliant home?

  1. Material Losses: loss of honor in community, legal concerns, etc.
  2. Financial Losses: business losses, payment problems, defaulting.
  3. Medical Problems: Severe ailment, illness, lethal diseases, and even untimely loss.

Vastu improves positive and reduces negative energies, therefore once you apply Vastu for your Place, you can then ensured that you, your family, and your Place are always protected from the before-mentioned unfortunate negative energies.

How to apply Vastu for Home?

To understand how you can implement Vastu for shielding your family from such negative energies, follow these Vaastu rules, guidelines, and Vastu principles.

  • Make each room and part of the home has a preferred place as per Vastu Shastra, and as once you have placed the rooms as per rules and guidelines of Vaastu Shastra, half of your task is finished.
  • Because Vaastu Shastra has tips, rules, and guidelines for every room and part of a home, So, after to locate every place within a home as per Vastu Shastra guidelines, we need to do Vastu for every room and part of the house

Below are the links for detail information about Vastu for each room.

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All of the above links will explain to you how you can do inside plan, décor, wall shades, and additional relevant parameters that perform a significant role in Vaastu for all rooms and supporting parts in the home.

I think, believe, and hope that my "Vastu for Home" article leads and assists you in forming your home lovely, charming, and sweet home.

Thanks for your precious time, and I request you to please share this learning with your relatives and friends.

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