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Vastu for East Facing House

East direction is considered the most promising direction with North-East. East direction is ruled by SUN. This direction, also known as Poorva.

Sunrises in the East, and so he is 'considered the lord of east direction. Sun is the core of our celestial arrangement. All other planets, along with their satellites, revolve around the Sun. Cosmic rays are the prime cause behind the birth and survival of all the living organisms on the earth. SUN is the planet of light and enlightenment. Light is life, and darkness is death.

Sun rays are made of seven colors. A new tithi and a new day begin with the rise of Sun. East is thus regarded as the direction of new beginnings.


How to find East direction?


If the property, a house, home, Flat, Building, Cinema Hall, Mall, Commercial Complex, Theater, Office, Shop, Factory, apartment, Residence, etc. is facing East direction. If these properties is having a road towards Eastside, it is said to be East zone facing House or East facing property.  In other words, if you stand in the middle of your home and look towards the road, if it is east-side, your home is East Facing Home. It is commonly known as East facing property because our house is facing SUN, i.e., East Direction. In other words, the road passes from North direction to South direction or from South to North direction in East facing side property.

To know the direction one of the simplest but not so perfect is from the direction of Sunrise. The direction from where the Sun rises is known as the East. 
East direction: the direction from where the Sun rises. 
West direction: where the SUN is set in.
North direction: when one faces the East Direction, towards one's left is North direction.
South direction: towards one's right side is South direction.

The junction where two directions is a match is vital since it joins the forces arising from both the directions. There are ten directions, eight among are North, North-east, East, South-east, South, South-west, West, and North-west direction. Each direction has its merits, benefits, value, quality, importance, significance, and structure. The primary rules, principles, and practices of Vastu Shastra are based on these eight directions.


Why East Direction Plot or House is auspicious?


Following are the reasons why East Facing Plot or House is auspicious:

East direction is ruled by SUN.

East Direction is a significant direction for males.

It gives name, honor, glory, position, fame, prestige, authority, success, and Victory has been the outcomes of this direction.

If you are interested in a Government related job, works, or transaction, the East Direction of the Home is extremely fit. East is the best direction to Government servants or those having Government activities or dealings.
If you want to be excellent lectures, orators, and best speaker, East facing home is best for you.

East facing home will give more strength to gents. They will use ladies and get maximum co-operation from them.

East facing house assures to its dwellers of a boost in career, job, business, profession, growth, development, and unexpected positive improvements.

East facing dwellers will have more property and wealth.

They will get higher respect in their society.

They will be blessed with good children, and all the material enjoyments are assured.

East zone is fit for all the promising activities energizing our life. It must have fewer weights. An extended east is promising as it will trap more and more positive energy.

In Vedic astrology, Sun is the lord of fifth House (Leo sign) SUN governs human head and brain and also rules heart, mental activities male children, the sum total of past karmas or karmic balance and love affairs Sun also rules eye hairs, bones, stomach the navel, and is the source of high cosmic heat.

This direction will assist in progress in job, trade, business, career, and industrial development.

Vastu Defects in East Zone

If there is any dosha in the east direction, all the negative results of eastern direction may arise. Some of these doshas are

  1. Cutting of the eastern zone
  2. The lessor or no openings in the East Zone
  3. A higher level of East zone than the south-west
  4. If the East Zone is close.


Significance of Vastu defects in East Direction

In such a case, the two vital organs, i.e., heart and brain, will become weak in functioning. Problems of baldness, headache, decreased vision, jaundice, piles, stomach ulcer, and weakening of bones may also arise—the probability of genetic diseases in the children increases. Sun, being the significator of government, problems start arising from the political side. For a powerful position in any field of life, particularly in politics, an open east is a boon.
The above-mentioned negative effects of cutting or closing of east direction will be more prevalent if Sun is afflicted in the horoscopes of inhabitants. The persons who have strong Sun in their birth horoscopes will face less ill effects of defects in the eastern sector.


Vastu Tips for East Facing House

Here are amazing Tips from Vastu Shastra Must keep in mind while planning East Facing House Vastu to get rid of insecurities and worries:

Keep East Zone Open: Keep more open space in the East and North direction while planning the construction of your apartment. Open space in the East which can be used for the garden purpose

Position of Main Door in East Zone: You must keep in mind that all east direction is not suitable for Main Door. So must draw layout plan that main gate should be 3rd pad Jayanta or 4th pad Indra - to gain abundant wealth and gain from Government related work.
The slop of Plot: Make slop toward North-East direction, and South and West should highest follow south-West. In other words, keep lower floor levels in East Direction compare to all directions except North-east direction.

Dura Vedha: Do not plant big trees in front of the house as it will cause Vedha and restricts beneficial sun rays in the morning.

Avoid Load in East direction: The eight directions are classified in Vastu Shastra according to Carriage of the load. Keep East and North-East light as far as possible. Heavy and large articles should be avoided in this zone. It is a light zone with the availability of cold.

Low Hight of Wall: Keep the lowest hight of boundary wall compare to all directions except North-east direction.

Keep Doors and Windows in East Zone: Keep maximum opening in Eastside in the form of doors, windows, Verandahs.

No Temple near Plot: There should not be any temple, gurudwara, mosque, or other holy places near the plot. For small Pooja Room in-home, North-East Direction is best but You may make small Pooja Room in east Direction.

No Electrical Pole In from of Main Door: There should not be any big electrical equipment or pole in front of the gate.

Avoid Septic Tank in East zone: Do not build a Septic tank in the east direction.

Avoid Veethi Shoola: There should not be any dead-end around your plot as ending road at the plot is Veethi Shoola.

Keep East Zone Cluster free: Avoid having clutter, dirt, dustbins, etc. in North and North-east. It is always to keep dustbins in a covered area away from the entrance and main door

Prefer Square plot: Square plot is best for living purposes, but plot extended in the East considered auspicious.

Avoid Staires in East Zone: Do not Build stairs case in East direction; avoid stairs in front.

Avoid Overhead Tank in East Direction: Do not build an Overhead tank in East direction. The weight of the overhead tank will make the place heavy.

Avoid Toilet in East: Do not build a toilet in East Direction. The East is best for locating a bathroom without a toilet.

Buy adjoint Plot: If you are planning to buy an adjoint plot of your home, it should be in the East or North side of your plot. Never purchase a property that lies on the South or West side of your plot.

Keep face in East: East is the direction of the source of heavenly light. Keeping face towards the East while working or studying fills us with new energy, creativity, and vitality.

Avoid High Elevation in East: Do not keep East Elevation high than South and West. If East direction elevation is higher than in the West direction, no result is favorable to the inmates. If this direction at one house is elevated, the inmates will always be in trouble.

Allow no cut in East: If in this direction area is smaller than the west direction, your opponents' strength will increase, and inmates will always get defeats.

Suitable for East zone: East is also suitable for locating a swimming pool, study room, dining room, living room, children's room, or kitchen.

So be concerned; very small mistakes may provoke huge losses, grief, and pain.

Those who construct their house neglecting this direction, either by ignorance or indifference, will lose their wealth and fame, and their Career or Trade will be affected. They will have more worries and problems, and regarding their children's education, the profession will also get affected.

Don't neglect the "East" direction, as it is a key direction for success, name and fame, and good health.

This direction should not be disrupted in any case and manner. Before buying the skewed properties, it is advisable to have to consult the Vastu Expert.