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The Venus in Vedic Astrology: Venus is that the brightest planet within the system and is taken into account the most beautiful planet of the Zodiac Venus is a minister of the planetary cupboard. It’s conjointly referred to as Bhargava, bhrigu. Venus is Rajsik, Ethereal, and also Brahmin. It is taken into account to be the divinity of affection, marriage, beauty, and also for comforts.


Venus: Guru of Ashura


In Indian mythological thoughts, Venus is additionally mentioned as the Guru of Ashura, whose one eye is broken. Planet Venus is termed as a female planet and is present with the Kama; one’s intensity depends on its power and strength.


It gives states of medium height, of plump body, and with a round and pimply look, soft and charming eyes, pleasant voice, gentle smile, and nappy hair. Planet Venus governs the sense of bit and, to a reasonable extent, the disposition. It’s thought of the kind, warm, passionate, dampish, useful, and fruitful. It rules the throat, neck, kidneys, veins, and ovaries. Planet Venus tends to all or any that concerns the above qualities of the mind, music, melody, poetry, art, painting, singing, drama, play, opera, acting, and all one pure entertainment and adornments. The impact of Venus is expressed as beautiful, elegant, charming, fair, generous, loving, kind, sensible humored, and warm.


Negative effects of afflicted Venus


When afflicted, Venus gives unacceptable domestic situations, anxiety, love, problems with friends through finances. It rules the skin, throat, veins, ovaries, and inner generative organs, and these square measures adversely stricken by overindulgence in amusements, consumption, and also for drinking. Venus is termed Kaletra Karka, that’s the most rules for marriage and karka of a partner in a male birth chart/horoscope. Planet Venus conjointly symbolizes the associate in business. It is that the principal Karka planet of vehicles.


Planet Venus is properly designed and tall with fantastically proportioned limbs. Dark brown and beautiful and also dark nappy hair, large enticing eyes, long arms, and wide chest, graceful, multicolored robes


Wife, youth, bloom, beauty, grace, vehicles, pleasance, wealth, luxury, flowers, fragrances, scents, and perfumes. Generative organs, urinary, upset because of excessive sex urge.

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