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Ask Acharya 

Honored by the mighty, Ask Acharya has been practicing and assisting the community for more than 16 years. The unique Moto of Ask Acharya is the well being of the community. Ask Acharya has the Most qualified Vastu Expert in India as well as Best Astrologer in India. For getting astrological as well as Vastu discussion Ask Acharya is one of the Best Astrology Website in India, as well as The Best Vaastu Website in India. Ask Acharya believes in life transform through Vastu Shastra. It is assumed that if Fortune and Vastu both are powerful, everyone can attain prosperity without much effort. Ask Acharya has professionally qualified, extremely skilled, and experienced Best Astrologer, Vastu experts, eminent and best interior designers of India

Vedic Astrology

Ask Acharya, is a reckoner in the field of astrology, which is purely Vedic Astrology based and honorable to be a portion of this industry for over 21 years. Awakening millions of lives with our astrology specialty expertise has Hindu Vedic Astrology systems laying its key foundation.

Best Astrologer

We are a team of well qualified, learned, and well-known astrologers comprising of learned and specialized masters who are the intellectuals behind all the reports that you find on Ask Acharya website.

All your issues regarding your career and destiny, the invisible thicks and thins of your life, have just got channelized more reliably from us. We assist you in getting precise & clear answers to the thought bubbles that randomly appear knocking at your door. The science that our astrologers use is age-old and reliable, strictly following the Hindu Vedas and ritual values.

At some point in time, we all are curious to know about our destiny. Some people can foretell the future based on some considerations.

All these calculations essentially hold the position of the nine planets at the time of a particular event.

Free Personalised Horoscope

To seek this purpose, Ask Acharya has set many services in the field of Astrology,  Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, and much more. Ask Acharya also provides services like Free Personalised Horoscope ReadingFree Personalised Horoscope Online, etc.

Ask Acharya has transmuted its vision to attain perfection and positive outcomes in astrology for the improvement of the society.

We offer a wide variety of prediction reports on multiple issues such as relationship, profession, job, finances, health, business, and general. You also visit Ask Acharya website to read the various types of horoscope i.e. Daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, Sun sign horoscope, Moon sign horoscope, as well as the yearly horoscope.

Being one of the notable service providers, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of Astrology and Vastu related services,


Astrology involves the knowledge of planets, and their impact on earth & the human body. It is a science of stars & the planets, and these stars & planets meticulously concern us at every moment. It is a traditional Vedic knowledge based on the science of astronomical bodies.

Astrology interprets the attributes of a person based on planetary positions at the time of one's birth Horoscope.

Our qualified professionals cater astrology Services to our valuable clients relating to life such as health, marriage, career, education, love, prosperity, gains and losses, business, medical, specific matters, relations, and upcoming future, etc.

Vastu Consultant | Vastu Services

Vaastu is the ancient Vedic science of design and architecture. Vaastu helps in obtaining a suitable setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage bestowed by nature.

Best Vastu Consultant In Delhi | Delhi-NCR | India

We are specialized in Vastu for Home, Vastu for Residential Land, Vastu for Office,  Vastu for Factory, Vaastu for Kothi, Vaastu for Flats, Vastu for Hospital, Vastu for School, Vastu for Educational Institute, Vastu for Hotel, Vastu for Restaurant, etc.

Best Vaastu Consultant In India

We deliver guidance and provide several services in the field of Vastu or Vaastu Shastra. If you need the assistance of Vastu Consultant, you may directly call Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani 9810105727


Numerology is the part of astrology that deals with the mysterious science of numbers. It is the knowledge of numbers in the form of symbols.

Numerology is used to define a person's personality, powers and skills, obstacles, personal needs, emotional feelings, and ways of dealing with others.

You may consult for your Business Name, Child Name, Own Name, House Name, and much more.

Palmistry Services

It is the science of reading palm, and to find their relationship with individual life as well as the aim, tendencies, habit, behavior, and talents, abilities of an individual. Palmistry is an in-depth analysis of the individual. The palm best shows the story of a person's life in the past, existing, and forthcoming.

Tarot Services

Tarot is a device to resolve various problems and assists in adjusting and build our lives. It delivers advice and motivating and also informs us of the hazards.

Ask Acharya has Professional Tarot Card Readers team, who assist in guidance for Industries and companies, corporate bodies who aim at a solution, and not options.

Fengshui Services

Fengshui explains that everything in this universe has one or the other kind of energies. Modern science coincides with that theory up to a sufficient extent. It is an ancient Chinese belief of position and design that leads human beings to live harmoniously with their surroundings.

Free Horoscope Service

Horoscope is the photo that describes the positioning of planets in the celestial system at the time of the birth of anyone. Which vary from person to person, due to the regular flow of the planets. A horoscope is a visible aid of a person, which signifies the actual positions of the sun, the moon, and the other planets when one was born. You may visit Ask Acharya's Website to get free daily horoscope, free weekly, and monthly horoscope.


Panchang in Hindu Astrology or Indian Vedic astrology is a sort of Hindu Almanac. Vedic Astrology splits time into five basic parts called the Panchaang. Astrologers do astrological calculations with the aids of Panchaang. It provides the useful astrological knowledge needed by an astrologer.


Kundali, A-frame arranged into a square, triangular, or circular spaces, formed to show the position of the sun, moon, and other planets, and constellations.

Ask Acharya provides free Kundali online by Professional Astrologers in North Indian and South Indian Kundali formats as per Clients' preferences.

It also requires horoscope matching for examining the compatibility among two people.

Gemstones or Gems Recommendation

Gemstones or Gems are recommended for a weak planet (either by placement in a sign or a house or aspect by the malefic planet). The Planet's weakness can be removed by wearing the appropriate gem. Gems bring power, strength, energy, courage, peace of mind, and better health. In Vedic astrology, there are nine planets. Nine planets describe Nine particular Gemstone. The Gems, before wearing, need to energize to receive positive results properly. So must take proper advice from an experienced astrologer before wearing it.

Backed by prosperous experience in this field, we are offering a wide range of Astrology, Vastu & Fengshui Consultation, Panchang, Palmistry & Tarot Reader services, and also provide free kundali and horoscope to our clients. 

You can browse over our website and get a glimpse at the many services that we offer free and otherwise, additionally, if you are a keen learner of astrology. & require to know the solutions to all your life's problems, then we are here to show you the right path.

To find the solutions of all your astrology and Vaastu related queries you may contact us 9810105727 or direct call Sunil Mehtani