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Planet Mars is considered the son of Earth - Bhumi Putra. It is the first planet that orbits in the outer ring.  Mars planet is the GOD of dispute, destruction, and war. Mars is a fiery planet; it is strong, powerful, and muscular by nature, and has extremely to do with one’s goal, ambition, and desires.


The planet Mars signifies the senses and rules the animal drive in person. Usually, the planet Mars is treated as a malefic planet. Though, if it is not afflicted, Mars provides self-confidence, strength, courage, the inspiration for all ventures and fearless deeds, strength, endurance, combativeness, sharp wit, ability to argue, go-ahead spirit, etc.


he Mars gives the nature with sharp reasoning action and excellent muscular strength, excellent organizing skill, power for effective performance, free spirit, the force of character, strong determination, ambition to come out victorious in the materialistic field in spite of opposition, and beyond all, leadership in all pursuances. If planet Mars is debilitated and afflicted in a birth chart/horoscope, the person will be rash, will loose-temper, will be reckless, quarrelsome, and violent also. The planet Mars will apply brute power to settle his affairs and may become a drug addict. Mars may turn out to be the worst kind of sexual person and satisfy his sexual urges in novel ways.
In planetary Cabinet lead by SUN, Planet Mars is the commander in general. Tamsik, fiery, and Kshatriya in nature Mars, also known as brown, Kunj, and bumiputra.
Mars ruled people are well built, tough, and has a youthful body, slim waist, shining short curly hair, fierce eyes, dressed in red and ruddy in complexion, has generous disposition.

The Planet Mars gives power, energy vitality, freedom, autonomy, independence, will & confidence, courage, endurance, great logical ability, mechanical abilities, the logical curve of mind, a razor-sharp wit, divisive facility, organizational capacity, physical power, and pleasure from Co born. Destructive nature, rash, and offensive spirit, stubborn, unruly, vane, zealous, violent, injury, conflicts, diseases, the person is likely to suffer from warm & hot complaints, surgical operations, accident, un-happy married life.
Courage, physical strength, younger co born, risky ventures, police, army, administrator, surgical operations, adultery, fame, engineers, lands, fire mines, arms dealer.
Injuries, burns, bone marrow diseases, operations, wounds.