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Vastu for Living Room

A drawing room is a room that attracts the attention of everyone. Vastu for Drawing room makes a pleasant area wherever one senses like at house. It is an essential place of the residence that reveals your personality and interests, so it is desirable to follow the guidance of Vastu expert for Vastu for Drawing room. It is the most suitable area of the home to sit, rest, and relax following a long day or a busy working week. The drawing room may also apply as the living room. It is the place where family members join together. To follow Vastu Shastra Principles and advice of Vastu Expert, Vastu for Drawing room assist us in making this room extra dynamic, active, promising, encouraging, hopeful & full of positive energy.

The best place for a drawing-room is North direction. This area is recognized for health & wealth. The fourth house in the horoscope matches to the north area and public in usual. The ruler planet of North Zone is Mercury which was recognized for communication skills, social movements, entertainment, and non-violent extra-curricular ventures.

For the prominent businessman, diplomat, politician, bureaucrats, social workers, East is the best place for drawing room in the home. West is best for a serious kind of job. Northwest & Northeast direction is also suitable for the Drawing room.

Make provision for the drawing-room near to the front door.

The floor level of the drawing-room should be higher.

Make a proper arrangement of light in the Drawing room.

The North or East direction is best for Main entry to the drawing-room. Make sure two doors do not face each other.

Place the Furniture in Drawing in such a way that it encourages interaction level.

Do not keep extra articles in the Drawing room.

Square or rectangle shape with rounded corner furniture is best in the furniture in the Drawing room. 

Place the Heavy furniture like Sofa etc. in the southwest, South or west direction. Furniture should not touch the wall.

Make an arrangement of the furniture in such a way that it does not obstruct the free movement in the drawing-room.

Keep the Brahma Sthana of drawing-room empty.

Vastu For Drawing Room

Vastu for Drawing Room also Suggest the following Principles

Install the Communication device in the Northwest or Southeast. Place the Electrical appliances in the Southeast direction of the drawing-room.

Place the Large and heavy Furniture like Sofa with chairs in the South, west, or southwest. While sitting, your face should be towards the promising directions of North, East, or Northeast.

Prefer a solid wall behind the Sofa to feel protected & comfortable. 

Do not make a sitting arrangement under Beams as it may cause disorder or strain in mind. Cover the beam in the drawing-room with a false ceiling.

The family head should always sit facing towards the main door of the Drawing room, East or North.

Photos of ancestors may be placed in the South & southwest directions. The best direction for placement of Photo(s) of children in the east direction. North is the direction of health and wealth, so photos of surviving older generations may be placed here.

Make provision of Small plants in the side table, floor lamps, photography, paintings, to improve the beauty of the Drawing room.

Follow the Vastu Shastra guidelines for the selection of curtain's color.

Light shades are more fit for small drawing rooms.

Blue or green colors calm the atmosphere. Dark shades are perfect for large drawing rooms. Blue, indigo, and violet shades are most suitable for summer periods. Red, yellow, and orange hot colors are most beneficial in winter seasons. Avoid the Black or red tones in the drawing-room.