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Vaastu or Vastu is a comprehensive and ancient science of Living.
It is the science of design, planning, and architecture, and much more.


What is Vastu or Vastu Shastra?

Vaastu is not equivalent to the word 'architecture' but has a broad theory of the Vastu system, principle, and practice.

Architecture is the science of art, profession, designing and constructing homes and buildings, etc. Architecture can create a building, a posh house, and a lovely structure but cannot ensure a happy life to the inhabitants. In contrast, Vaastu provides calm, peace, comfort, happiness, progress, and honor to the inhabitants.

But Vastu is a science of a more substantial dimension. The theory of Vaastu is based on a realistic study, analysis, research, and evolution traversing centuries, not derivatives of any uncertain teleology. Vaastu expertly manages the universal energy for the improvement and betterment of humankind. Its well-defined precepts,  rules, and regulation ensure that inhabitants of houses, homes, residences, dwellings, buildings, structures, generally live are in harmony with the pleasant surrounding environment and the entire universe.

The aim of Vaastu ensuring the health, happiness, prosperity, and well being of dwellers and endows him with sustained peace and tranquility of mind.

Many factors indeed govern the life of the human being his fate, Karma, and his surroundings, but it is also true that Vastu can make sweets thing sweeter and bitter less bitter

If construction is not according to Vaastu's principle, then believing and behavior of people living or working in these areas is not suitable and harmonious.

If the different activities in a home, house, office, factory, shop, or the industry are directionally planned, as per Vaastu's principle, we begin to attract energy from nature in a simple way. Once this enormous energy of divine begins to assist us, all our goals and objectives are fulfilled in a secure, natural, and effortless manner. The Vaastu is gradually applied not only to houses but also in the commercial building, and industry. If things are set according to the principle of Vaastu the concepts, speech and progress are supported by nature and begin to provide health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness


Vastu Directions

The square shape, divided into eight equal parts, shows the influence of eight compass directions. Every Eight directions and Lord Bramha as lord deity of heights; and Lord Vasuki as lord deity of Patal; ruled by Ten deities. Ten Vasus rule these Ten directions. These ten deities were also known as ten dikpala.

Many rules of Vaastu Shastra are common sense as they relate to ventilation, amount, and quality of sunlight a building receives, etc..

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Vaastu Purush
Vaastu Purush is existing in every plot, whether it is big or small or conferring good or bad. Prayer of the Vaastu Purush is essential before commencement

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Panch Mahabhoot
Lord Brahma, the creator, created the five basic elements called panch mahabhootas in the form of lords of different senses like Agni, Vayu, etc. To Know more about Five Elements Click HERE

Vaastu Compass
Compass plays a vital role in calculating the benefits of Vaastu as per the degree of placement of objects.


Brahm Sthana in Vaastu Shastra
The Brahm Sthana is the middle square (pada) of the plot or building. It is the place of lord creator Brahma. It is the spiritual center of the building.


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It is advisable to follow Vaastu Shastra in your home for a better, happy, successful, and prosperous life.