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Horoscope Matching or Kundli Milan plays an important task at the time planing of marriage. According to Hindu Manuscripts, "marriage is a holy union planned even before taking birth." Marriage is one of the most delightful moments in one's life. Everyone desires a suitable mate with whom one can spend some lovely memories and feel comfortable in life.

Martin "There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage." Since marriage is a significant feature,  all aspects should be taken to sure to make a marriage successful.

Lets before begin to know about What a Horoscope matching is? How we match Horoscope. Methods of Horoscope Matching? for marriage, you must understand what Horoscope is?

Horoscope is a chart/map of the position of celestial bodies like planets etc. at the time of the birth of somebody or happening of an event. A horoscope is a chart that provides detailed information about Lagna and placement and also the position of the planet in different houses or bhava.

Matching:  In Vedic astrology, the matching the partner's horoscopes (Birth Chart) has always assumed great importance at the time of marriage. Horoscope or Kundli of both boy and girl (prospective bride and groom) are examined to nullify any harmful outcomes after marriage. In the case of any doshas, Vedic astrology offers several remedies and solutions to overcome its malefic results.


What is Horoscope Matching? At the time of marriage, Partners (bride and groom) horoscope match with each other. There are some method of matching Horoscope

1. Astah Koota Milan or Guna Milan

2. Varga: This is based on the initial Hindi alphabet

3Relative nakshatra positions or Stri-Doora. 

4. Proper Procedure For Matching

5. Manglik Dosha


1. #Astah Koota Milan | horoscope matching by Date of Birth.

In Vedic Astrology, there are eight parameters that are compared to each other known as - Astha Koota Milan or Guna Milan.


What is Astha Koota Milan? - Asthakoota Milan is based on natal moon positions of the boy and girl planning to enter into wedlock. For matching Horoscope for marriage, eight Kootas or Koot are examined; these eight Kootas have a total of 36 points called 36 Guns or Ganas. Out of total 36 'Guns' or points, at least 18 'Gunas'/points are essential for proper matching of boy and girl. If in the Astha Kootas 18 or more points/Gunas, comes the marriage is permissible. The more the 'points' or 'Gunas, the better is the matching.

Name and Gunas allotted to Kootas

"Guna' matching or 'Koota' matching" is only one of the several other factors which are to be considered for-proper matching for marriage. Following is the name of eight kootas


Name and Gunas allotted to Eight Kootas
No. Name Gunas
1 Varna 1
2 Vashya 2
3 Tara 3
4 Yoni 4
5 Graha Maitri or friendship of Rashi lords 5
6 Gana 6
7 Bhakoota 7
8 Nadi 8
  Total 36


1- Varna Points or Gunas [Max. 1 point/Gunas]

Brahmins or Vipra - 4/8/12 rashis

Kshatriyas - 1/5/9 rashis

Vaishyas - 2/6/10 rashis

Shudras - 3/7/11 rashis

In this Varna Koota - Brahmin is the highest Varna, and Kshatriyas Vaishyas and Shudras are inferior in order. For proper varna matching, Varna of the boy should be superior to the girl's Varna, and one point is bestowed for this. For the same Varna, one point is allocated. Where Varna of the girl is superior, in this case, no point is given.

Varna of boy superior to the girl's Varna - 1 point or Guna

For the same Varna of boy and Girl - 1 point or Guna

Varna of the girl superior to the boy - No point


2- Vashya Gunas [Max. 2 points/Gunas]

Vashya means within control. In this Koota, the characteristics of different Zodiac signs are studied. To get which zodiac sign is controllable to Which sign.  The characteristics of different Zodiac signs are

Human Sign: Gemini, Virgo, Libra and first 15 degrees of Saggitarius and Aquarius

Chautuspada or quadruped sign: Aries, Taurus, 15 degrees to 30 degree of Sagittarius and 0 degrees to 15 degrees of Capricorn

Jalachara or-watery signs: Cancer, Capricorn (15 degrees to 30 degrees),

Jalachara or-watery: Pisces

Leo and Scorpio signs are not allotted any groups.


If the boy and girl belong to the same group is the most suitable matching, and two points are given for this. Where girl Rashi is Vashya (Controllable) to boy's Rashi, one point is given, where girl's Rashi is 'Bhakshya: (eatable) to boy's rashi 1/2 point is given. In other instances, no point/Guna is allotted.

Vashya and Bhakshya will  depend on the nature of signs, e.g.,

For human signs are 'Vashya' except Leo sign

All Jalachara are 'Bhakshya'


3- Tara Points or Gunas [Max. 3 points/Gunas]

Count from boy's nakshatra to girl's nakshatra and divide the outcome by nine; if the remainder is 3 - 5 or 7, the tara is malefic; in all other cases, the Tara is benefic. 1.5 points or Guna are allotted to benefic tara.


Again Count from girl's nakshatra to boy's nakshatra and divide the outcome by nine; if the remainder is 3 - 5 or 7, it is malefic; in all other cases, it is benefic tara. 1.5 points or Guna are allotted to benefic tara.


Therefore on both countings, we receive a benefic tara 3 points or Gunas are alloted. If one counting grants benefic but another counting grants malefic tara 1.5 points are allotted. In any different cases, no points or Gunas are allotted.

Both countings benefic tara - 3 Point or Gunas

one counting gives benefic, and another counting gives malefic tara - 1.5 points or Gunas

If Both counting malefic tara - No point


4- Yonis Points or Gunas [Max. 4 points/Gunas]

In this Koota, 'Yonis' of animals are given to nakshatras. Yonis of boy and girl should not be contrary to each other.

If yonis are

Same yonis - 4 points

Friendly yonis - 3 points

Natural yonis - 2 points

Inimical yonis - 1 point

Highly inimical, no point is allocated.


5- Graha-Maitri (Friendship of Rashi Lords) Points or Gunas [Max. 2 points/Gunas]

In Graha-Maitri Kootas; the natal moon sign of boy and girl is examining. If the two Rashi lords are two-way friends or two Rashi lords are the same - 5 points or Gunas are allotted. If one Rashi lord is friendly, and the other is neutral (e.g., Mercury and Saturn) - 4 points or Gunas. Both Rashi lords neutral to each other will get '3' points or Gunas (e.g., Jupiter and Saturn). One Rashi lord friendly to others while the other is inimical 1 point or Guna is allotted (e.g., Moon and Mercury). If One Rashi lord neutral to others while other is inimical 1/2 point is given. In all distinct cases, no point or Gunas is allotted.

The navamsha lords of rashis of both boy and girl should also be examined for proper matching


6- Gana Points or Gunas [Max. 6 points/Gunas]

In this Kootas 27 Nakshatras are divided into three groups

a- Deva Gana: Anuradha, Punarvasu, Mrigshira, Shravana Revati, Swati, Hasta, Ashwini, and Pushya; these nine nakshatras have 'Deva Gana'.


b- Nara (or human) Gana: Poorvaphalguni, Poorashada Poorabhadrapad, Uttaraphdlguni Uttarashada Uttarabhadrapad, Rohini, Bharani and Ardra these nine have 'Nara Gana'


c- Rakshasha Gana: Magha, Ashlesha; Dhanishtha, Jyestha, Moola, Shatbhisha, Vishakha, Kritika, and Chitra are 'Rakshasha Gana'.

If boy and girl both have same Gana - 6 points or Gunas

The boy is 'Deva' girl is 'Nara' Gana - 6 points or Gunas

The girl is 'Deva' and boy is 'Nara' Gana - 5 points or Gunas

The boy is 'Rakshasha' bride is 'Deva' Gana - 1 point or Gunas

In all other cases -  no point is given.


If there is a Rashi-Maitri, Yoni-matching, and Bhakoota matching between boy and girl marriage can take place even without Gana matching. Gana matching is essential for 'Vaishyas'.

In a case where Rashi Lords or navamsha lords of rashis of both boy and girl are identical, 'Gana-dosha' will fail its maleficence.


7- Bhakoota Points or Gunas [ Max. 7 point/Gunas]

Bhakoota matching examines the corresponding positions of Janma Rashis (natal moon signs) of boy and girl.  If the Janma Rashis are in 2-12; 5-9 or 6-8 positions from each other, it is supposed to malefic, and no point is allotted. In all different positions, 7 points are allotted.


The following factors must be kept in mind, apart from considering the Bhakoota points or Gunas.

A- Identical Janma Rashi: Where boy and girl have same Janma Rashi, it is supposed benefic if they possess other nakshatras, or if they are having the same nakshatra, they should not have the same charana of that nakshatra.


B- 2-12 position of Rashi: This is called 'Dwirdwadasha' dosha and should be avoided.

Note-1: Where girl rashi is second from boy's rashi it is deemed malefic; otherwise, it is not malefic.

Note-2: For Tauras-Gemini; Cancer-Leo; Virgo-Libra; Scorpio Saggitarius; Capricorn-Aquarius; and Pisces-Aries these couples, 2-12 positions are not malefic because Rashi-Lords are friends.

For all other pairs, the 2-12 position is malefic.      


C 3-11 position of Janma Rashis

This is considered beneficial in all conditions.


D 4-10 position of Janma Rashis

This is considered benefic, and 7 points are allotted for this relationship. But in the following pairs due to the enmity of Rashi Lords,' the beneficence is lost. These are Taurus-Leo; Cancer-Libra; Virgo-Saggitraius; Scorpio-Aquarius, Capricorn-Aries, and Pisces-Gemini are malefic combination, It is said to produce debt and poverty.


E 5-9 positions: Although the Rashi-Lords will ever be friends in this position, it is considered malefic and is called 'Nava-Panchama' dosha, and no point is allotted. But all 5-9 positions are not similar. Where girl's Janma-Rashi is 5th from that of the boy, it is considered more malefic than the where girl's Janam Rashi is 9th from that of the boy. It is said to produce problems correlating to progeny.

F 6-8 positions of Rashi

This is called 'Shad Ashtaka' and is considered highly malefic. Maleficace will be more where Rashi Lords are enemies Where Rashi Lords are friends or are same as in Aries-Scorpio; Gemini-Capricorn; Leo-Pisces; Libra-Taurus; Saggitarias-Cancer and Aquarius–Virgo Shad Ashtaka dosha will lose its maleficence.

Malefic, Shad-Ashtaka, is said to produce disease and death.


G 1-7 positions of Rashi

These are always assumed benefic, and 7 points or Gunas are allotted. Also, where Rashi Lords are enemies, sama-saptama, i.e., 1-7 positions, are considered benefic except for Cancer-Capricorn and Leo-Aquarius.


The malefic 'Bhakoota' or 'Dushta-Bhakoota' as It is called will lose its maleficence if any of the following conditions is satisfied

(i) Rashi-Lords are friends.

(ii) There is proper Nadi-matching.

(iii) Navamsha-Lords of Rashis are friends.

(iv) girl and boy; both have benefic 'Tara,' and there is proper Nadi-Matching.

(v) Vashya and Nadi-matching both are present


8-  Nadi Points or Gunas [ Max. 8 points/Gunas]

There are three 'Nadis' - (a) Aadi (b) Madhya and (c) Antya. Birth, in particular 'Nakshatra', will decide which Nadi a person is having.

Girl and boy should not have the same Nadi. If both have different Nadis, 8 points or Gunas are allotted. In the case where they have the same Nadi, no point is allotted.



a- Where girl and boy are having the same Janma-Rashi but different nakshatras, it will not cause Nadi-Dosha.

b- Both have the same nakshatra, but different Janma-Rashis not have Nadi-dosha.

c- Both have the same nakshatra, but having different 'Charana' or quarters will not have Nadi-dosha.

Must keep in mind that

If the boy's nakshatra is directly after the girl's nakshatra, it is deemed extremely inauspicious.


Other factors must be examined for Horoscope Matching


Varga: This is based on the initial Hindi alphabet from which the name starts. There are eight Vargas or divisions which following order.

Initial alphabet of the name Varga

1. A, Aa, I, Ee, U, 00, E, Ei, O, Au, An, Ah, - Sarpa

2. K, Kh, G, Gh - Mooshaka

3. Ch, Chh, J, Jh - Mriga

4. T, Th D, Dh, N - Mesha
5. T, Th, Th, Th, N - Garuda

6. P, F B, Bh, M - Vidaala

7. Y, R, L, V - Simha

8. S, Sh, Sh, H - Shwana 

Each Varga has 5th from it as its inimical Varga, boy, and girl should not belong to inimical Varga. If they have the same Varga, it is considered very auspicious.

Relative nakshatra positions or Stri-Doora. 

Count from girl's nakshatra to boy's nakshatra - Up to nine is considered malefic. 10 to 18 is deemed to be medium, and the rest of the position is considered auspicious. To put it, in other words, farther the boy's nakshatra from girl's nakshatra, the better is it.



The following step-by-step approach can be followed for proper matching of horoscopes of boy and girl. 

1. Analyze the longevity of both boy and girl from their horoscopes.

2. Analyze the longevity of the boy from the girl's chart (i.e., see if there is any combination of widowhood in the girl's chart) and analyze the longevity of girl from the boy's chart (i.e., see if there is any combination of widower hood in the boy's chart).

3 Analyze 7th house for married life and all aspects related to marriage: 4th house for domestic comforts; 12th house for comforts of the bed; 5th house for progeny; 2nd house for 'Kutumba' or family and other houses as well for both boy and girl from their respective charts and note which houses are afflicted.

4 Analyze the above aspects for the boy from girl's chart taking 7th house as Lagna and for the girl from the boy's chart taking 7th house as Lagna (i.e., analyze 7th from 7th, 5th from 7th, 4th from 7th, 2nd from 7th and all other houses) and see whether afflictions which were found in step-3 are aggravated or reduced.

5. Analyze the coming 'dashas' of both boy and girl and analyze their effects for both boy and girl from their respective charts and from each other's chart 

6. After taking the above steps, one can go for 'koota matching' Such other matchings are based on 'moon-signs or birth-constellations. '

Some Important Points for matching horoscope

I. Match a person having combinations for widowhood with a person having combinations for widower-hood.

2. Match a person with a particular house affiliated with a person who is having similar afflictions in that house. For example, a person with Mars placed in the 7th house should be matched with another having Mars, preferably in the 7th house or any other malefic in 7th house. A similar rule should be followed for other houses as far as possible. Vaidyanatha Parijata gives a hint to this respect 

"धून कुटुम्ब गतौ यदि पापों दारवियोगजदुःख करौ तौ।
तादृश योगज दार युतः चेत् जीवति पुत्र धनादियतश्च। "

That is, where malefic is placed in 2nd and 7th house, it will cause separation from spouse and miseries, but if such person gets a spouse with similar afflictions, he will have good progeny, wealth, and married life.

3. Where there are combinations of widowhood, widower hood, or multiple marriages, the remedies prescribed in 'Shastras' can be made use of. Like one can have 'Pratima-Vivaha' (i.e., symbolic marriage) before actually getting married to a particular person. 

Thus one can see that matching for marriage is not as simple it to be. Moreover, the stability of marriages is related to the quality of matching, but it is also related to "Desha-Kaala-Patra."

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