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Sun is the most important planet. Sun is the king of the solar system. The Sun in nature is hot, dry, and masculine. The planet Sun is the universal source of energy and is the only planet donor of life (Prana).


The Sun is also known and worshipped as GOD (Bhagwan Surya Narayan). He represents the creator, Brahma. The Sun almost takes about one year to go round the ecliptic.


It has only direct motion and never goes in retrograde motion. The planet Sun is considered the soul (Atma) of the Kalpurusha According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, 
For all living natures, Sun serves actual and primal connections. The planet Sun is constructive and productive. Sun is lord and rules the direction East and "Grishma" Ritu (Summer season).


In the Horoscope/birth chart, Sun represents the father of the native.


In Job/service, Sun shows the administrative head or Government related services, large office, high positions of ranks and status, state affairs and administrators, new undertakings, popularity, superior or proud, and proud persons.


The Sun gives us the strength, energy, power of resistance, and vitality.


He governs the breath of life. The Sun rules our consciousness and denotes the individuality.


He gives the force and self-will and makes one determined and decisive.


The Sun represents health, the vital principle, general prosperity, and publicity. It rules the sides, top part of the back, heart, right eye of the male, and left eye of the female.


Sun is the square and well built-in shape. Scanty but curly hair, sparse eyebrows, impressive voice, medium stature with long arms and strong bones, red eyes, good intelligence, firm temperament, lovely appearance, vitality, courage, power, authority, self-confidence, resistance to disease, comfort from father, magnanimity, reputation, meditation, will power, favor from royalty, good eyesight, Arrogant, over-ambition, proud, irritable, faces public opposition, differences, poor eyesight, heart disease, bone weakness, poor blood circulation, father, health, power, courage, kings, royal favor, high status, dominance, heat, summer, medicine, mountain, forest, right eye, Government officials.


Heart, eye, fever, bones, knees, naval, vitality, excess of bile, palpitation, inflammation
Nature     Cruel
Day     Sunday
Gender     Male
Caste     Kshatriya
Direction     East
Places     Shiva Temple, Capital Towns, Forts and palatial buildings, mountains & Hills, forests, open fields
Directional     Strength Tenth house
Own     Sign Leo
Exaltation     Aries 10 deg
Debilitation     Libra 10 deg
Mooltrikona     Leo 0-20 deg
  Friends     Jupiter, Moon, Mars
  Enemies     Venus, Saturn
  Neutral     Mercury
  Aspect     Seventh
  Stone     Ruby
  Metal     Copper
  Grain     Wheat
  Color     Red
  Body     Constituent Bones
  Taste     Pungent, bitter
  Sense     Sight
  Cloth     Thick Cloth
  Relation     Father
  Kalpurush     Soul, head, right eye
  Element     Fire, Dhatu, Metals &. mines
  Temperament     Fixed, Steady
  Rises     By head
  Age     50 years
  Dasa     Period 6 years in Vimshottari
  Motion     App. 1 deg. Per day
  Nakshatras     Kritika, Uttarphalguni, Uttarashada

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