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Vastu for health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being. To keep ourselves healthy and fit, we need to have a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. But sometimes our schedule is packed with so many commitments that we not only rely on buying fast foods but also neglect our exercise routine. We can't help with these two areas of your routine. Instead, we can help you with these useful Vastu tips to attract health to the place where you live.

Vastu Shastra provides with the Vastu tips for good health. If the principles of Vastu efficiently followed, the occupants are suffering from prolonged illness cure quickly and naturally. If the house has any Vastu defect or dosh, most of the time, the occupants are unaware of this, then the Vastu remedies can be applied to solve the problem. For solving all these problems, you need to consult the best Vastu consultant. Ask Acharya has one of the best-qualified Vastu experts, Sunil Mehtani, to guide you the best way.

Vastu tips for good health

Position of bedroom: The southwest direction of the house is ideal for the head of the family/older person of the house to keep them healthy. North- East is suitable for the children's bedroom. It is better to use wooden beds without storage space instead of using beds made of metals.

Position of sleeping: Sleep with your head, preferably towards the south for a peaceful and sound sleep. Never sleep towards the north direction as this will attract diseases and disturbances in Sleep.

Clutter-free Brahmasthan: Always prefer to keep the brahmasthan (center of the house) empty and clean. Well, in brahmasthana also results in health problems.
Pooja room: North is the best direction for constructing the pooja room. Never keep any useless material or heavy items in this direction. Neat and clean north-east direction having Pooja room invites the positive Vibes into the house and thereby suitable for your health.

Main gate/entrance: Make sure that the height of the main gate and the boundary wall is the same. Try to keep some citrus plants on either side of the main gate to ensure your good health.
Power of East: it is better to cook and have your food facing east. your kitchen should be in the south-east direction but avoid facing southwest while cooking and having a meal. These tips will make the taste better and keep your digestive system sound.

Position of staircase: Make sure that the stair is not in the center of the house as it may lead to health problems. Construct the stairs on the side of the house.

Avoid overhead beams: Never construct your house with beams run through the center of the rooms. Overhead beams disturb the mind and hamper the inflow of positive energies.

Placement of the fire elements: South-east or north-west is the directions for fire. Always keep the fire elements like kitchen, stove, fireplaces, barbecues inverter, fridge, etc. preferably in the southeast. The second best option is north-west. There should be a perfect balance in the fire elements for the excellent health of the family.

Lord Hanuman is the protector of health: So for ensuring the good health of the family, place an image of Hanuman Ji facing south direction.
Mahamrityunjay mantra For maintaining good health and recovery from ailments, it is beneficial to chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra daily.