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Geopathic stress

Today, people are trying to improve their lifestyles by avoiding exposure to a toxic environment and adopting healthy options. They are trying to use eco-friendly products as well as organic food items. However, we do not understand the significant impact of geopathic stress on our environment, earth, and health. Geopathic stress is a comparatively new term that includes the connection between earth energies and people's well-being.


What is Geopathic Stress?

"Geo" means "Earth" (or "Land"). The word "Pathic" is an exciting one. It suggests both a disease, as well as a remedy for the disease. It additionally showed the capability to feel, observe, or be sensitive to precise energies.

The common scientific explanation of "geopathic stress" is the study of earth energies and their impact on an individual's health.

There are many kinds of earth energies. Some are safe for individual health, and some are harmful. In early times the Vastu followers and geomancers were familiar with the earth's courses; they identified which sites to recommend for building, and which places to avoid.

"Geopathic stress is a typically occurring phenomenon created by changes to the earth's electromagnetic field."

The earth has its vibrations, but the other underground factors and things like drainage pipes, tunnels, underground water sources, geological faults, etc. distort its waves. If you are living or working above the distortion point, you will be affected by these disturbing vibrations. Your behavior and health are both adversely affected.


Effects of Geopathic Stress

The distorted Earth energy can result in distress, discomfort, pain, sadness, weak immunity, poor health, and sometimes cancer in human beings. Even the plants and animals also never survive if they lie on any of these points.

By making our immune system, weak geopathic stress lowers our ability to fight bacteria and viruses. As a result, we suffer from specific health problems and diseases.


Significant reasons for geopathic stress

There are many reasons for this stress. Some significant reasons are as following:--

1.- Underground water sources


3.- Steel piping

4.- Mineral formation

5.- Underground buried gas deposits

6.- Electricity

7.- Sewers

8.- Underground Railways

9.- Geological faults


Above along with many other factors, create stress and thereby weaken the immune system of any mammal living above the distortion point, which is harmful to their health.

The effects of stress can never be reduced by living in high rise buildings also. The reason behind it is that the earth's radiation is amplified many folds due to the metal structures in modern-day buildings.


How to detect Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress can have a massive impact on children and animals. Plants are also very affected by this stress. Specific symptoms exhibit the presence of this stress in your environment. To measure geopathic Stress It would be best if you asked yourself some questions to check the existence of geopathic stress:--

(a) Are there mysterious cracks appearing in your walls or driveways?

(b) Is your house attracting insects, ants, wasps, or bees?

(c) Are there some plants that won't grow when keeping in a particular area of your house?

(d) Do the trees in your garden have unusual and funny growth and shape?

If your reply is 'yes' for most of the issues, then there is a chance that your house/working area is hit by geopathic stress.


1.- Geopathic stress and animals

Animals are highly sensitive to Geopathic stress. Dogs, cows, sheep, pigs, and horses have an aversion to this stress. Whereas cats, ants, many insects, fungi, and molds are very fond of the areas having this stress, Termites and other insects rapidly multiply and prefer to cite their habitat at the distortion point.

2.- Dowsing

Dozing is the easiest way to test for geopathic stress. If you wish to check the geopathic stress, you have to employ a professional dowser.
An energy investigator uses a high-quality dowser to detect the existence of Geopathic stress in your building.

3.- Scanner

How to recognize Geopathic stress | symptoms of Geopathic stress


The six stages of Geopathic stress are the following:---

1st stage of Geopathic stress: usually people do not pay much attention to the primary symptoms of the first stage. The common symptoms are common flu, common headache, unreasonable sadness and worries, negative feelings, mood disorders, etc.
If one is not improving as fast as they should, there may be a probability of geopathic stress.

2nd stage of Geopathic stress: this stage is characterized by a continued problem of sleep disorders and adverse emotional effects. Sleep disorders are related to many issues of sleep like difficulty falling asleep, waking too early or frequently restless sleep, nightmares, drowsiness, etc.

All these results convert in weakness and headaches. With these problems, when you consult any doctor, he recommends rest, healthy sleep and avoids stressful situations.
The leading cause of these types of illnesses is maybe due to Geopathic stress.


3rd stage of Geopathic stress: this stage is very important and long also. This stage's symptoms are increased blood sugar and breathing rate, hypertension, depression, numbness in arms and legs, neck pain, anxiety, lack of interest in sex/sex drive, temporary impotence, migraine, etc.

 These signs can persist for a prolonged period, but after treating the cause of Geopathic stress, these health problems are cured.

4th stage of Geopathic stress: is also very crucial as Geopathic stress impacts all parts of the body, including the digestive system. In this stage, stomach diseases, problems related to both intestines occur. Prolonged Geopathic stress disrupts the overall digestive system causing diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and cramping increase in appetite and weight. In some cases, people suffer from ulcers.


5th stage of Geopathic stress: It is the brain damage stage. Geopathic stress also affecting a rise in blood sugar that may grow into diabetes. It also begins damaging and the death of brain cells. This leads to suppression of activity in areas at the front of the brain involved with memory concentration.
With these learning problems, inappropriate replies to significant changes in different situations develop behavioral issues, aggression, offensive, doubts, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, etc.


6th stage of Geopathic stress: This stage deals with high risk for serious heart diseases and the immune system. At this stage, the body runs out of the resistance to resist infections. The weak resistance causes the body more sensitive to everything, from minor diseases to major/ serious health diseases like cancer. The people may also have skin allergies, asthma, arthritis, infertility, impotence, and miscarriages.


How to remove Geopathic stress lines?

Must you adopt all measures to stop geopathic stress as well as apply available solutions to get rid of geopathic stress?

There are many solutions and measures you can adopt to clear your building (home/ office/shops/factory) from the harmful geopathic stress. Some of the solutions and measures to get rid of geopathic stress are the following:---

(a) Reposition or rearrange your Living area: Reposition or rearrange your Living area/ furniture; this happens to be the geopathic stress area. There may be a disturbance in your bedroom under your bed or couch, in your bathroom, or the study room under the study table or chair. It is advisable to rearrange your furniture so that you may avoid spending too much time in that area. But sometimes the stress area is very big, and it is not possible to rearrange the entire furniture. In that case, you will have to explore other options to neutralize the negativity of that area.

(b) Setting up of metal rods/ pyramids: One of the simplest and most popular methods is to place metal rods or pyramid at different accurate points in the ground decided by dowsing. By this method, the energy investigator creates a grid of saving energy with a perfect browser by using copper brass or steel rods rings for wires as well as by using the pyramids.
Feng Shui remedies

(c) Remedial measures of the Vastu and Feng Shui: By adopting remedial measures of the Vastu and Feng Shui, you can influence the Geopathic stress and improve your life.

(d) Adopting personal energy tools: You can protect yourself from Geopathic stress by using different personal energy tools like pendants made with crystals, silver, or gold. These are very attractive, and you can wear them as jewelry.
These tools can protect you from Geopathic stress by stimulating your immune system and change these toxic energies into positive and beneficial energies.

(e) Getting rid of electromagnetic pollution: There is a lot of electromagnetic pollution by power lines, satellite Towers, electric poles, and even by cell phones, microwaves, wireless routers, etc. It will help if you minimize your exposure to these pollutants. For home appliances, you should unplug them when these are not in use.

Along with the above, there are many other solutions; also, the only need is to explore them and utilize them to remove the Geopathic stress lines.