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Planet Rahu (Sarpa) is a shadowy planet and Tamsik by nature. Rahu and Ketu are not actual heavenly bodies with visible body shape or a body like the Planet Sun, Moon, and different planets have.

Planet Rahu

As per Hindu mythology symbolized these two pieces of a single body. As per a Puranic story after the churning of the Samudra Manthan appeared out a divine elephant, a horse, a physician, the Goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi and Amrita or immortality.

For the division of Amrita, there was a severe conflict amongst the Devas and Asuras. The Supreme Lord Bhagwan Vishnu pretending the shape of Mohini got charge of giving the Amrita with the approval of both Devas and Asuras. Mohini distributed the Amrita in the way that Devas consumed all of it. But one amongst the Asuras had stealthily entered the lines of Devas. And got a portion of Amrit but was identified and exposed by the Sun and the Moon. Then Bhagwan Vishnu cut the Asura in two pieces, but as he had consumed Amrita, both the severed pieces remained alive though departed. The head got the title of ‘Rahu’ and the body and tail ‘Ketu’. This incident made Rahu and Ketu eternal rivals of the Sun and the Moon.

Periodically they get in swallowing the Sun and the Moon making eclipses, but they escape as they are immortal. Rahu and Ketu are astral points on the Zodiac with regulating movement and orbit, and they have a sharp and predictable impact in birth chart/horoscopes. The movement of these points is always retrograde in motion.


Rahu Represents

Rahu has a color like a blue cloud, wild in tolerating, robed in garments of bright clothes, has a bluish throne to rest on, has eight horses, fast similar the mind itself, yoked to its dark chariot. Is the king of chandals and represent servant’s army in the planetary cabinet, Unexpected incidents, uncivil talk, crime, sin, international travel, Idling, poison, virus, technical learning, winter period, roaming in forests. Diseases that cannot be diagnosed, phobia, weeping wound, poisoning, and snakebite, tumors, leprosy & skin infections, breathing problems.

Gains, the birth of son, marriage, recognition in a foreign country, religious nature, technical education, construction of the new house: mental agony, loss of spouse and children, sudden distress, Incurable diseases, loss of wealth.

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