Aries | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Aries in general in the year 2021

The year 2021 will be of great fulfillment for the Aries people. Health will be good. You will get relief from prolonged disease. The lord of your sign - Mars, is in its own house at the commencement of the year. Hence, this year you will get good news. Your relationship will also be excellent. With the placement of planet Saturn in the 10th house, your projects will give the pinnacle of achievement. This year the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house is generating an extraordinary situation for your profession. There can be an unusual occasion in the family. The eye of Saturn is on the 12th house —which is of expense. There will be an excess of expenses. The union of Jupiter and Saturn will give some disease prevail until April 2021. From June to October, Jupiter will be moving in an arc. Your struggles and hard work will not produce optimistic outcomes at that time. It would be best if you took work-related matters very seriously. Emotions and kindness will be your biggest weakness at this time. You will earn money this year, but when you do the calculation, you will see that there is no saving. Saturn will be moving in an arc from May to September; you will focus on obtaining new objectives.

This year your will fulfill your ambitions. There are possibilities of buying plot, land, house, office, vehicle, etc. students will concentrate on their studies. You will complete cultural importance matters without any hindrance. There are chances of promotion in your job. Between September to November, Jupiter will be orbiting Capricorn. It would be best if you were careful regarding your business in this duration. Postpone your expansion plan, or you can get into difficulties. Before making any new investment, make all investigations and read the documents carefully. You will fall for someone's engaging talks and get into a trap. After September, Saturn will become weaker, and you may get the chance to be a significant participant in a religious event. You will emerge as an influential personality in society. The graph of your respect and prestige will continuously go up. From October to December, the momentum of gains will increase. Between April to June, Mars, who is the ruler of your sign, will orbit in a lower orbit, and there are chances of an offensive happening; drive your vehicle carefully. You might be departed from a relative. However, this year you will use your intellect and discretion and make the impossible possible. You come under Aries, and these people are eligible and determined. These qualities will be 

visible in your work and will compel even your opponents.


Aries Health in the year 2021: This year, the lord of your star, Mars, is situated in your horoscope. This signifies a great union. There is less chance of any dangerous disease, but whatever chronic ailment has been there will also get mitigated. This year the illnesses to beware of are joint pain, back pain, low back pain, etc. but, some diseases may befall your father or mother. Between April and June, Mars will be in orbit in a lower house, and you need to be careful. Drive your vehicle carefully. I would advise you not to be careless with your health. Travels will be more because of Saturn being in the 10th house. 'Keep your diet and your daily routine well organized. Diseases of the digestive system, migraine, and leg problems are possible. But your general health will remain good; lay more emphasis on yoga, exercise, physical work, etc. Jupiter is in the 10th and 1 Ith Position throughout the year, and your health will remain serious.


Aries Career, Job, profession and Wealth: This year, Saturn is orbiting the 10th house that is of work. Therefore, on the financial front, you will make achievements one after the other. The expansion plans that you were making should be delayed for some time and then re-started, Do not conduct business with strangers at all. Otherwise, you may lose money. The question of reaching your target will always be there. Your boss might scold you, so focus on your work. Your chemistry with colleagues will be excellent. They will help and assist you. Do not rely or depend too much on people; this can become a cause for losses. Do not sign any document before perusing it thoroughly and keep a watchful eye on the activities of your partner, employees, etc. Between October and December, you may get chances of promotion, increment, etc., buy land, real estate, vehicle, etc., after much deliberation. Take the advice of a lawyer and check the papers properly.


Aries Family, Children, and Relatives: This year, those eligible for marriage will find that their prospects for marriage may materialize. You will be worried about your children's studies, examinations, and career. You will resolve Property-related matters through the intervention of someone. As far as relations are involved, they will be jealous of you. Between May to September, the health of an elder member of the family can be a cause for concern. Husband and wife will try and understand the feelings of each other and try to establish a mutual balance. Be aware of relatives who try to show too much concern. There can be few arguments between father-son, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, etc.



Aries Education and Career: Students will focus on their studies. From June, students will get their desired results. From June to October, there can be some disturbance in your concentration. Focus your attention on your studies, and you will see that success is waiting for you. Sun, who is the ruler of the 5th house, signaled that having a rapport with your boss and colleagues will be the key to your success. With your hard work and effort, you will achieve your set objectives. For students trying for the legal, technical, and scientific professions, the year is apt. There will be some tension in your job, but you will be free from stress.


Romance and Friends: It is time for the examinations of friends. 

You get to know your real friends at the time of need only. As far as love affairs are concerned, there are chances of success this year. Still, it is necessary to make a difference between love and attraction. What needs to be kept in mind is that you should not compromise with your studies or career by getting into love affairs.


Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Occasions: This year, Saturn and Jupiter move in the 10th house. Before June, there are chances of buying a vehicle. Since Saturn is in the 12th house, there will be an excess of expenses. As far as promising works are concerned, some functions can take place in the first half of the year. But I would advise you to drive your vehicle carefully. Make sure to use a seat belt or helmet, etc., while driving. And do not use your mobile phone at the time of driving. The time in June and July will not be favorable.

Losses, Loans, and Mishappenings There is a possibility of losses this year. You might have to take a loan for a vehicle, land, etc., and will be able to repay it. June and July will be bad from the viewpoint of health. And some mishaps can occur to relatives.


Travels: This year, the ruling planet of the 12th house, Jupiter, is in its own house. Hence, there shall be an emphasis on journeys this year. There will be business-related tours for its expansion. You might make a program to visit a religious or tourist place between April and June with family.

Remedial Measures: To avail maximum benefits and positive results in the year, wear a bronze Mangal Yantra, Moonga (Coral) embedded necklace. Recite Sunderkand and Hanuman Chalisa daily. Buildup love and cooperation with your brothers. Feast monkeys on jaggery and chana on Tuesdays. By this, You will be saved from all mishappenings, obstacles, and troubles.