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What is Vasthu Shastra? -- Vasthu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic science of architecture that provides us the guidelines on the construction of buildings.

Vastu Shastra is also a combination of the science of astronomy and astrology.

Vasthu Shastra is related to directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balances the energies of them.

Vaasthu gives us some principles about the construction (exterior and interior) of buildings in your house that if we apply them, we will lead a peaceful and prosperous life. These Vasthu principles are based on the energies of the five elements of nature.


Vasthu | Five elements of nature - The Panch Mahabhootas

Principles of Vasthu are based on the assumption that out of the nine planets, only earth is a living organism. The reason behind this is the presence of five elements or the Panch Mahabhootas on the earth. The five elements of nature are


air (Vayu)



earth (Bhoomi).

The five elements regularly interact with each other. Vastu creates a harmonious balance among these elements and uses them for our benefit.

Five Elements, Panch Mahabhootas, Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, created the five essential elements called Panch Mahabhootas in the kind of lords of separate senses like Agni, Vayu, Prithvi, Jal, and Akash (EARTH, AIR, SPACE, FIRE, and WATER), etc. To Read In Detail CLICK HERE



Vasthu tips to bring good luck prosperity and peace to your home:


The entrance of any house should be well decorated and attractive to invite good luck and prosperity as it is the first entry to your home. The main door should be bigger than the other doors while opening or closing it should not create Harsh in pleasant voices, which can become a source of mental tension for the inhabitants. There are some more principles and guidelines provided by the Vastu Shastra regarding the entrance and main door. 

[The Main Door]



Brahamasthana, what is the central space of the building, the middle square of the building for the plot is called the Brahma Sthana in Vasthu Shastra. It is also The Spiritual center of the building. The Brahmasthana should be kept open to the largest possible extent. The more open area, the more positive energies are created in the house. These positive energies bring wealth and peaceful relationships among members. [ Are you interested to know more about Brahmasthana? if Yes CLICK HERE]


Vasthu for Pooja Room:

Pooja room is the holiest place in the house. North East is the ideal direction for locating the pooja room; otherwise, it can be located in the east or north. Always avoid making Pooja room in the south and Southwest directions idols of Lord Ganesha and Mahalaxmi bring in wealth and happiness in the house.

Vasthu Tips for Pooja Room


Vasthu for Bedroom

A bedroom is a comfortable place where we relax and enjoy sound sleep after the whole day's hard work. Vastu helps in creating an environment where you have a feeling of relaxation and security while sleeping. Vastu suggests the directions of the bedroom according to your body constituent so that the harmonious and peaceful relations are maintained among family members. [For more detail, Vastu for Bedroom CLICK HERE]


Kitchen Vasthu: The kitchen represents love, affection, and warmth of relationships. It should be located in the southeast direction. Otherwise, it can be located in North-West.  Never place the kitchen in North-East, Brahmasthana, and southwest direction of a home. Always keep the burners of the gas stove neat and clean. You should follow the guidelines provided by the Vastu Shastra to lead a peaceful and wealthy life. Vasthu Tips For Kitchen Vasthu You must follow


Painting, Mirrors, and plants colors have a great effect on the mind soul and our environment as different colors are related to various elements of nature. Some colors make you feel lazy; some promote harmony by producing the sattvic effect. Some colors like violet are right to use in a room used for meditation. Why using different paintings of different colors, we can have the desired effect.

There are various principles of Vasthu Shastra related to plants and trees. Plants like Holy Basil Tulsi bamboo plant money plant Orchid Daffodils mint Jasmine aloe vera etc. are good plants that bring happiness and wealth. Vasthu suggests the best directions for different plants and trees.



Mirrors play an essential role in bringing positive energy as well as negative energy to your house. But it is important to place Mirrors in inappropriate directions to live a harmonious life and to invite positive energy and good luck. Vastu Shastra provides many principles about Vastu for Mirrors.


Bathroom and toilet

directions of the bathroom and toilet play an essential role in bringing positive and negative energies to our house. If they are not built as per the guidelines of effective, then they will invite enormous negative energies, which may result in having health problems, loss of money, many tensions and worries, etc.


Vasthu for fish aquarium

Vasthu Shastra is having some guidelines for the fish aquarium also if the fish aquarium is placed in the accurate directions according to Vastu Shastra with some more guidance about the color number type of fish aquarium. It will bring prosperity and good luck to your home. [Vasthu for fish aquarium]


Interiors, if the furniture interior accessories are arranged according to Vasthu Shastra, will undoubtedly invite prosperity, health, and peace to your house. For interiors, Vastu provides guidelines for lighting, colors of different rooms, furniture, curtains, type of paintings, and sculptures.