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Vastu for Basement

Vastu for Basement: Basement means a cellar or a floor below the main floor land (downstairs or underground room), in other words, a floor under the main ground level floor.

In this context, we will discuss the Basement in the house, its effects and guidelines for Basement according to Vastu Shastra.  In this article you are going to know:-

1. What are the Vastu guidelines for the location of Basement?

2. What are the Vastu guidelines for Basement and

3. The best color for Basement?


We should follow the rules of Vastu to build a house. We should keep in mind the Vastu guidelines for bedroom, kitchen, Pooja Ghar, Toilet, Bathroom, stairs, elevation, and every other possible place. A Complete Vastu Guidlines for your beautiful Home -- Read Vaastu for Home


Scientific and Vastu reasons to avoid Basement in a home


The Basement is; generally dark , Sun rays do not enter them and there is a tendancy for water to seep through the walls from the surrounding. Which reduce the basement positivety and be harmful to persons living there .


In ancient times, Basement (cellar) was used in temples, forts, palaces, etc. In ancient times, the crypt was used to make better use of geothermal energy. People prefer to meditate in the Basement. The Basement was also used for mausoleum (Samadhi). Therefore, according to Vastu Shastra, the Basement should not be built in residential plots.

Nowadays, due to the increasing rate of a plot, for maximum utilization of plot space, the Basement has become a need of every house.

According to Vastu Shastra, the Basement is not auspicious in residential buildings. Therefore, the Basement is not recommended by Vastu Shastra. But if there is a need, you should follow the guidelines provided by Vastu Shastra.

Wrong planning of Basement May ruin entire energy level in Basement. It would be best if you take care while planning Basement to gain maximum benefit.


Tips and Guidelines for Basement Vaastu

You must follow Vastu principles to avoid negative energies that may arise due to Basement in house. If you have a Basement/cellar in your building, you must take care of the following things.


1- Direction & Location of the basement: the Basement is not recommended by Vastu Shastra. But if there is a need Vastu suggests the basement building either East, North, or North-east direction of a house. But if you have already built the Basement in the entire house, you should use only the Northern, Northeast, and East parts.


2- Do not use Basement for Sleeping purpose: Never use the Basement for living or sleeping purposes.


3- Shape of Basement: Be sure that the shape of Basement is regular i.e., square and rectangular to gain good health and wealth.


4- Seperate Staires for access to the Basement: Upstaire and Stairs leading to basement should not be common. There must be Seperate Staires for access to the Basement


5- Placement of Heavy equipment in Basement: Make sure that there is not any heavy article in North, North-east or East direction of the basement.  Heavy objects can be placed in the south direction of the Basement.


6-  Store in Basement: You can also use South Part of the Basement as a warehouse or store.


7- Make provisions for the Sunlight and air in Basement: Make provisions for the Sun's rays and air so that these should properly enter in the Basement. Otherwise, it is inauspicious for day to day activities and business.

For the purpose, you are advised to keep the roof of the Basement at least 2 or 3 feet above the ground floor so that the sunlight can enter the Basement/cellars.

You can use slanting mirrors to carry light in the Basement to make it more useful. With this method, we can save electricity. Natural light is also suitable for better growth and success.


8- Proper height of Basement roof: To increase the usefulness of the Basement, keep its height at least 9 feet. By keeping more height, we get proper sunlight and pure air.


9- Color of Basement: We should paint the cellars white for good lighting.


10- Electrical Fittings: Take good care of the electrical wire fitting to avoid accidents.


11- Drainage system: Make proper arrangements for the drainage system so that there is no water filling problem in the rainy season.


12- Keep the Basement neat and clean: Keep the Basement area neat and clean in the best possible way to attract positivity.


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