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Vastu Tips for Your Beautiful Home

VASTU TIPS: Vastu Shastra is a comprehensive and ancient science of Living. It is the science of design, planning, and architecture, and much more. Vaastu Shastra is not equivalent to the word 'architecture' but has a broad theory of the Vaastu system, principle, and practice. Architecture is the science of art, profession, designing and constructing homes and buildings, etc. Architecture can create a building, a posh house, and a lovely structure but cannot ensure a happy life to the inhabitants. In contrast, Vaastu provides calm, peace, comfort, happiness, progress, and honor to the inhabitants.

Vastu Tips helps to build Vastu compliant buildings that can clear negative energy and allow, receiving, improving, and enhancing only the positive energies.

Vastu Compliance home will always have a positive impact on you as inhabitants, and you will prosper, be triumphant, victorious, and experience abundance and peace.


The Vastu Shastra tips for Beautiful Homes and Commercial Complex:

The following are Vaastu tips for Beautiful Homes and Commercial Complex


Do not keep any Broken Glass in your home.


Keep all electrical gadgets, heat-generating equipment in the south-east zone of your home.


Make sure that all mirrors are along with North-East, north, or East wall.


Washbasin taps should preferably be along the East, North-East or north wall.


Built safe or locker in the south or South-West zone in Your house locker/safe should we open towards north North-East direction.


The toilet seat arrangement in the toilet should be fixed in such a way that at the time of sitting, your face should be towards the north or south direction.


Do not place a cactus plant rubber plant in your home as it will add illness stunt of the family member.


Do not place bonsai plant in your home s it is a symbol of suppression.


Do not build a toilet in the North-East zone. Even the toilet in the north or East may ruin financial stability, create mental tension, and spoil family members' harmony. Pre energized pyramid, sea salt green Creepers blue bulb may help in minimizing ill effects.


Do not build any fireplace in North Zone.


Make sure that the North-East zone of your home does not defect. Any blockage in the North-East zone  ( Ishaan ) in your home, workplace, office, or shop or factory may restrict the blessing of God. It may cause tension, quarrel, or even may block growth.


Keep finished goods/products in the Northwest corner of your factory.


Keep Central Place Brahmasthana of your house neat, clean, and empty.


The single floor level of the home are better than split floor level houses.


Do not hang or place painting depicting War, crime, unrest, Agony, or distress in the living room drawing room or even your bedroom. It spoils harmonious relations among members.


Do not place dustbin or garbage in front of the main door.


Make sure that there is no duar Veda in front of your main door, i.e., any big tree or Pole.


At the time of selecting the plot, make sure that the plot is regular in size i.e., square or rectangular. An unevenly shaped plot, i.e., round, triangular, polygonal, or any odd shapes, may cause problems.


The dining table in the dining room should be square or rectangular. Avoid a round table as it may create disharmony among family members. They may have cruel between them - lead to end up in not eating together.


The kitchen is a symbol of our health and wealth. The kitchen should be in the south-east or north-west corner in your home. It should be clean, well-lit, welcoming, and have a feeling of spaciousness.


Place the gas stove in your kitchen in such a way that at the time of cooking, your face should be towards east direction.


Built the kitchen so that at the time of cooking, you must see if anyone who enters the kitchen.


Change willingly before life forces you so to do so unwillingly.


Leave more open space in North-East at your home. It will help to gain name fame, health, and wealth. More space in southwest effect male member of the family. And more space In SW in a factory or industry may cause quarrels among the partners.


There should not be three or more doors in a straight line. It can reduce prosperity to a great extent.


A wall poster or painting having mountains, the peak of the Himalayas in southwest can add immense strength and stability.


Do not place a mirror or dressing table in front of your bed as it may cause disturbed sleep.


Keep your window neat and clean, and immediately replace any broken glass.


Immediately repair linking taps in your home as it may harm financial stability.


Do not build a toilet kitchen or Pooja room next to each other.


A small fountain, aquarium in the north direction attract wealth and prosperity. As water, especially moving water, attract positive Vibes and money.


Underground water body aur sources should be in the North, East aur North-East zone of the plot.


Underground water tank in the south-east or southwest may cause huge financial losses may have an ill effect on the head of family members or head of the industry.


To bring beneficial energy at home. Make East and north direction light as for as possible. Construct the building in such a way that it should be towards the southwest, west, or south direction.


Keep open space towards East, North-East, and your home's north direction to gain positive energies.


West elevated- sloping towards the East. For gaining material growth, stability, and prosperity.


South elevated sloping towards the north helps to bring good health, wealth, fame, and prosperity.


East elevated-  slop towards west be one of the main reasons to lose wealth.


North elevated slope towards the south harms its inhabitants.


North-East elevated slope towards the southwest is not right.


Southeast elevated slope towards North-West is beneficial.


 Northwest is elevated slope towards south-east is ok.


Southwest elevated sloping towards the north-East is also beneficial.


North-East direction


Do not build the toilet in the north-east direction. It will harm overall growth. If you have a toilet in the north-east direction, close it as early as possible.


North-East is ideal for the worship room, Pooja room, meditation room, for Yoga.


North-east is also a suitable place for the Drawing room.


North-East is also suitable for balconies, Verandahas, porch, and For main entrance.


In the workplace, offices, and factories, the Nort-East zone is suitable for the temple, reception. You may place spiritual items here.


Vastu Shastra does not recommend the basement.  If you need a basement in your building, a basement in North-east is a suitable direction.


For an underground water tank, fountain, swimming pool. Northeast is an idle place.


Do not make a kitchen in the North-East corner of your building.


Do not place overhead tanks in North-East direction.


Keep the north-east direction light and clean. Do not place heavy articles in this place.


Defects in the North-east area may cause a health problem, mental illness, and fertility.


The northeast direction defect may cause confusion, a lake of decision-making ability, financial trouble, the problem in children's education, marriage issue, ego, and trouble to the family's youngest son.


The east direction is the direction of the rising Sun. East direction is best for open space, bathroom, meditation room, drawing-room. To gain positive energy, sit here  2 to 3 hours daily. In the workplace, i.e., office,  factory it is suitable for the Computer department HR department and suitable to keep stationary.


East is an ideal place for a conference room, meeting room for discussion.


 It is a recommendation that you must face towards East at the time of working in your workplace.


You can make the study room of your children proper energy and vitality from this direction.


East is also the best place for drawing room for politicians and big business tycoons.


Any defect in the East direction may lead to a health problem related to digestion, liver, or gall bladder.


The East direction problem may cause a problem to elderly family members, difficulty getting fame, recognition in society, and may cause a problem to the elder son of the family.


Do not make a kitchen in the North-East corner of your building.


Do not place overhead tanks in North-East direction. Keep light and clean in the north-east direction; do not place heavy articles in this place.


You can make your children's study room in the East direction for proper energy and vitality from this direction.


East is also the best place for drawing room for politicians and big business tycoons.




Make Kitchen in South-east or North-west directions of any apartment.


Place electrical gadgets, i.e., inverter, generator, electric meter, boilers in the south-east corner.


Women Organisation, antique shop, food processing industries, coffee shop, light, and energies industries are best in South-east Zone.


Do not make an underground tank or well, swimming pool, or fountain in the south-east direction.


If you want to increase your beauty, sit some time in the south-east zone, as this zone belongs to fire, which helps increase beauty.


If you face health problems like infertility related to abortion or knee pain, check your south-East if there may be any defect.


Defect in the south-east corner may lead to unable to find a suitable life partner, the lake of passion, no interest in the physical relationship between husband and wife, anger issue, extramarital relationship, suicidal tendency and trouble with the eldest daughter.


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