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Vastu for Dining Room

"Dining room is an important place in the house where all the family members gather and dine. "Just like you would have heard a saying that Your mind will what you eat! It merely signifies that the food eaten by you and your family manages to modify the thought, habits, and behavior of living.


In this saying, Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani adds that the food we eat is important, but it is more important than where you (''location of Dining Area") eat the food sitting in your house. That Location is the Dining room or, as some of you may call it, The Dining Area of your home.

Call it by whatever name, but keep in mind that the importance of Dining place is excellent in Vaastu Shastra.


Vastu for Dining Room

The Dinning room brings family members closer; they know and understand each other better. 

 "a family that dines together sits together forever stays together."


Vastu Shastra suggests complete guidance "Dining Room Vastu". Here are amazing of the tips provided in Vastu Shastra for Dining Room, let's have a glance at them for more reliable knowledge:

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11 Tips: Vastu for Dining Room. 


Following are the Vastu tips For Dining Room:


1. #The best place of the Dinning room in the home

The best place of the Dining Room in the home is in the west. the second-best is North or East direction in House.


2. #Sitting arrangement in the Dining room

While eating, the main head of the family must face towards the east while the other members may face the east or west, but they should not face south because it will cause small disputes and facing towards north while eating may increase the weight.


3. #Doors and windows in the Dining Room

Doors and windows in the Dining Room are best in the East, West, or North direction. The door of the dining room should not be facing the entrance door.


4.#Vastu colors for dining room

Color of the dining room as per Vastu: the most suitable color of the dining room is orange or pink color of shades.

light pink


Light green




Applying these colors incite the appetite and also make the room more comfortable. Avoid black color in dinning room and even paintings


5. #Dining Room near the Kitchen

Make provision of the Dining room near the kitchen. If the home is multi-story or duplex, make provision for Dinning room on the same floor; there is no point of having the Dining room on any other floor other than the kitchen. Vastu Shastra recommends keeping the dining room and kitchen on the same floor for a smooth flow for serving food.


6. #Dining Table Vastu

Square or rectangular table is best in Dining Room. Avoid the round, oval-shaped hexagonal or irregular shape of the Dining Table. 

Make sure that the Dining Table is not touching the wall, or it should not be in folding against the wall.


7. #Water arrangement in Dinning Room

Arrange Water resources in the northeast of the Dining Room. Make provision of washbasin on the north or east corner. Avoid southeast or northwest corner for washbasin.


8. #The direction of accessories according to Vastu for Dining Room

the direction of accessories according to Vastu for Dining Room

Fridge- Southeast

Console - Southwest wall of Dinning Room

Washbasin - Northeast

Electrical items as Microwave - Southeast


9. #Paintings, pictures, and portraits in the dining room

Decorative Paintings, pictures, and portraits hung inside the dining room creat mood of joy, pleasure, and happiness. Hanging nature-related paintings, food-related images give a calming effect on the soul and make a person feel relaxed, comfortable, and keep the peace in mind while eating.


10. #Lighting in the Dining room

Arrange comfortable and relaxed lighting in the room.


11. #Avoid the attached toilet

Avoid the attached toilet in the Dining Room.


Vastu consultant Sunil Mehtani suggests taking care of the following tips while examining the Vaastu of the dining room. Vastu consultation of dining room requires a careful study of the following points:

  1. Proper Location of the dining room in the home
  2. The direction of the Entrance 
  3. The direction and position of the doors and windows
  4. The direction and position of the dining table
  5. The direction and face while eating food  
  6. The direction and placing of the water resources
  7.  The direction and location of the audio systems, TV and other electric articles 
  8. The direction and position of the heavy antique items
  9. The direction and placing of wall clocks
  10. The color scheme of the dining room

VASTU FOR HOME | A Complet Vastu guidance for your Sweet Home


Tips you must follow for Dining Room Vastu


  • At the time of eating, be calm, relaxed, comfortable, and stress-free.
  • Try to be silent at the time of eating, if necessary, speak gently.
  • You play light music in the dining room; it may attract positive waves.
  • If possible, eat together with family members at least once in a day.
  • Make no provision of TV in the Dining room and even do not place a Computer laptop etc. in the dining room as they serve as a disturbance. 
  • It generates a pleasant ambiance at the time of eating.

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