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The planets Mercury: The planets, Mercury is nearest to Sun in comparison to all planet, which performs a circuit around the Sun in 87 days. The impact of the planet Mercury is vague, neutral, dualistic, cold, moist, dank sexless, and changeable. The planet mercury provides beneficial outcomes when he is in good association and gets favorable aspects. The Planet Mercury rules that parts of the intelligence, which is susceptive to education through research, precept, observation, and reproduction. The planet Mercury controls the nervous system, solar plexus, bowels, arms, mouth, jaws, tongue, feeling of sight, perception, understanding, analysis, interpretation, feeling, and expression. He deals with traveling, touring job, teaching, clerkship, speaking, writing, printing, publishing, literature, stationery, secretaries, book-keeping, correspondence, mailing, etc.


A people influenced by Mercury will have the master of occult sciences. He will be talented, clever, versatile, master in mathematical calculations, design, planning, engineering, accounts, etc. If Mercury is malefic, the person will be tricky, clever, cunning, and mischievous. He may become a great gambler, the most severe liar, and an arrogant, showy person. He will imagine as though he knows everything while truly, he lacks real knowledge. The malefic Mercury will also make excess nervous action in both the body and soul. There is a reasonable effect on the health harmful to the operation of bowels and other organs under the control of this planet. In relation, Mercury is the principal governor of study and education.


Mercury is the inheritor (Rajkumar) apparent of the planetary cabinet, is funny and witty, and takes upon himself the character of the planet connected with it. He is Rajsik, earthy, and Vaishya by class.


Mercury has the most select appearance, has a thin body, young, large red eyes, dark green grass-like appearance, youthful skin with noticeable veins. Combination of all three doshas.


Genuine intellect, sharp memory, knowledge, wisdom, education, power of communication and writing, the capability to edit and teach, painting, sculptor, artist, control over multiple languages, learned, philosophical, mathematics, accountancy, skill, and cleverness in all departments of learning. Stammering, poor memory, diverse occupation but unfruitful result, tendency for lying, thieving, scheming, scandal and forgery.


All branches of learning, trades, friends, speech, hemant season, maternal uncle & aunt’s, articles of learning, electrical items.
Skin diseases, nervous breakdown, and loss of memory, speech disorder, importance, and mental aberration.

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