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Career Transit Report

Rs. 2100

What is the Career (Gochar) Transit Report?


At times, a tricky task gets done with much ease. On the other hand, there is a period of life when everything seems to get held, and there is no positive progress. Such varying patterns can be easily understood by the Transit of planets. Vedic astrology helps to explain the influence of moving planets on the natal chart. Life appears positive when the transiting planets (gochar) are guarding essential areas of your life. Therefore if you ought to take any major decisions in your job, career, studying, etc. Moving planets play a significant role If they support your efforts, the probability of success may increase many times. So, a career transit report is studying the effects of transiting planets.  


 How does Career Transit Report help?

 There’s enough support in assuring the ‘right’ moment for something as crucial as a Career Movement. This report gives you the assurance that your desires will be granted when planets are showering their blessings on you. And additionally, lead you to keep a low profile at work while the time is not especially by your side. Your Career Transit report package thus acts as a reference guide during that period.


Main Points of Career Transit Report

  1. The time frame when there would be the best chance of the growth potential in your job or business.
  2. The period when dispute should be avoided.
  3. The best time to make changes in career.
  4. Any expected problems from seniors, assistants, somebody in power, clients, or competition.
  5. Time of promotion.
  6. The best time during you should initiate a career move.
  7. The time of getting a new job or starting a significant plan in business.