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Marriage Report

Rs. 2100

Marriage Astrology Report: This report provides you a summary of your life after the wedding. It explains to you regarding your emotional, material, physical, and intellectual harmony with your mate. There are also forecasts regarding the children. If you are single, Marriage Astrology Report will inform you when, where, and how will you find your mate. Analyses of the delay in marriage will also be given in this report. If there is any requirement, then the remedies and Solutions will also be provided. This report will further describe the possibilities of separation, divorce, and the chance of remarriage in life.


What is Marriage Astrology Report?

Marriage Astrology report is a highly comprehensive report that takes all aspects of your married life from your horoscope/birth chart. Your horoscope/birth chart contains essential clues to your married life, your spouse, and how your life would be after marriage. Our experienced Astrologer of Ask Acharya will also provide essential remedies of Vedic astrology. These remedies will help to improve your marital relationship and assist you to remove any obstacles generated by any malefic/harmful yoga (planetary combinations) in your horoscope. If you are not yet married, it will inform you things like when you will get married and to what kind of person, etc. In-state if there is any delay in marriage than this report will also provide remedies to overcome the delay in marriage. For those who are already wedded, this report will explain the strong and weak bonds in your marriage. It will also tell how your married life will be in the future. In a circumstance, if there are any problems noticed in marriage, it will provide astrological guidance and remedies for a blissful and happy married life.


How you get Marriage Astrology Report report?

To get your Marriage Astrology report, provide us birth details, i.e., date, time, and also a place of birth. Our expert astrologer of Ask Acharya will see your horoscope/birth chart and will examine in detail the following points.

  • The power of houses which rules the relationship and marriage.
  • Positions of Planets
  • Combinations and transits of Planets.
  • If you are married, please also provide the birth details of your spouse.


How will this report help me?

Marriage is a crucial aspect of our life. The delay in marriage or problems with a spouse can produce havoc in one’s life. Marriage Astrology report is helpful for both single and united peoples. Our Experienced Astrologer will thoroughly study your horoscope/birth chart.  And will provide the details on your relationships, the effect of placement of Venus and Mars in the horoscope.  Ask Acharya Astrologer will report the following points for you:

  1. Report on your life partner
  2. How and where you will find your mate.
  3. Astrological assistance and recommendations in case if there are delays in marriage or if feeling a troubled married life.
  4. Sensitive, Emotional, material, physical, and intellectual compatibility with your spouse.
  5. Progeny issue after marriage.
  6. Overall luck, financial status, peace, comfort, happiness, success, and prosperity as a couple.
  7. Areas of growth and difficulties in marriage life.
  8. Chances of separation/divorce and scope of second marriage in life.