The Ketu in Vedic Astrology

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Ketu Planet (shikhi) is like a planet; Mars. It is a shadowy planet and is Tamsik by nature.


Ketu has a complexion like that of smoke, has vultures for Vehicles, mace as his weapon, fierce, residing in forest, intelligent, Windy, robed in a garment with multiple perforations, lord of fallen tribes, soldier/servants of the planetary cabinet.


Ketu represnts: Moksha, knowledge of mantra tantra, philosophy, secret learning, pilgrimage, surgical treatment, imprisonment, witchcraft, medicine, spiritual, forefather, hunger. Chronic diseases from an unknown cause, epidemic, TB, Viral, mental instability. Mysterious, moksha, philosophical bend of mind, detachment, knowledge of mantra, pilgrims, technical languages, physicians. Surgical treatment, injury, pain, trouble from enemies, diseases that cannot be diagnosed.

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