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Vastu for Happy Married Life

Vastu for Happy  Married Life: 'Marriages are made in heaven.' It is true. Still, Every couple needs luck and romance in their relationship. Vastu Shastra helps in making the relationship stronger and enables you to develop a harmonious bond with your partner. If implemented correctly and accurately, the principles of  Vastu Shastra make your married life happy.

As per Vastu Shastra, if there are Vastu defects in the home, these lead to creating negativity in the house. All the defects lead to clashes among husband and wife.
In Vastu Shastra, there are some guidelines/ tips which help you to lead a happy married life. Their tips help in creating positivity in your home and stop the inflow of negative energies.

Vastu tips for a peaceful married life

  • It is best for the couple to keep their bedroom in southwest or South direction.
  •  Always avoid making the bedroom of a couple in the south-east and north-east direction.
  • It is best to use a wooden bed in the bedroom instead of a bed made of metal.
  • The couple should always use a square or rectangular shaped bed. Avoid using the bed of irregular shapes.
  • Prefer to use a single mattress and quilt on the bed in place of using separately for both.
  • Instead of using artificial flowers, keep fresh flowers in the bedroom. Fresh flowers not only give fragrance but also attract positive vibes.
  • Avoid any thorny plant.
  • Make sure to keep the north-east direction of your home clean and litter-free.
  • Never keep thorny and bonsai plants in the house.
  • Avoid dark colors for the walls of the bedroom—dull colors like brown, grey etc.are not suitable for a happy relationship. Instead, use soothing colors like pink, lemon, peach, etc.
  • Never make pooja ghar in the bedroom of the couple.
  • Never keep any mirror in front of the bed. This will create clashes in a relationship.

To avoid any obstruction, the problem in married life it is better to live in a Vastu compliant home. By following these Vastu tips, we hope that you would live a happy married life by maintaining a strong bond with your life partner.