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Vastu Pyramids Yantra

Vastu may apply entirely to the house or workplace? No, because Vastu Shastra is practically some time testing in today's lifestyle. It is nearly difficult to adhere to Vastu in towns and particularly metropolitans. Moreover, the demand and availability of flats and homes are more, where using Vastu is tough. Many people really desire to apply Vastu, but they have already purchased the plot, built the home, and come to stay there, they come to know about Vastu Shastra later. Therefore what should they do? Purchase another plot and build a new home as per Vaastu there? We understand this isn't very easy. But then, here is a way out too. Yes, Pyramid Yantra. Pyramid Yantra concept based on mind over matter. We know that metalevel improvement is very influential than that done in structure and material. The Pyramid Yantra is specially designed, energized & programmed to improve your place, according to Vaastu.

How to use Pyramids Yantra?


Pyramids Yantra may use to correct Vastu Doshas in the dwelling unit without demolition. For the following Vastu Doshas, Vastu Pyramid may be used.


  1. Correction of Slope
  2. Correction of Direction
  3. Correction of Compound Entrance
  4. Correction of Shapes
  5. Correction of Brahmadthana
  6. W.C. in the wrong Direction
  7. Correction of placement of Room
  8. Protection of place
  9. Cut House Corner
  10. Main door Dosha
  11. Right Angle
  12. Brahmsthana Dosha
  13. For Energy Spreading in Home
  14. Irregular Shaped Plot
  15. Protection for Object in the entrance
  16. Protection for T Points
  17. Protection for Sharp Corner
  18. Protection from high rise
  19. Protection for corner clash
  20. Protection for Religious Places
  21. Protection for Locker and Safe case
  22. Protection for vehicles

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