Capricon | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Capricorn Annual Forecast 2021

Capricorn Annual Forecast 2021 in General: The year 2021 will be full of challenges for people born under the sign of Capricorn. The effect of Saturn's Sade Sati and transit of Jupiter in your zodiac sign and into Aquarius will be profitable. Saturn's Sade Sati will be over the year so take care of your health. Although, your physical and mental health will remain good. Cough, cold, fever may trouble you from time to time. Chronic ailments like diabetes and heart problems need special care. Get yourself routine health checkups. At the beginning of the year, there are possibilities to buy movable and immovable properties. Your competitors can cause trouble though they would not be successful.

This year, you have to be more mindful about your business and workplace. You may implement new approaches, systems, or tools in your business that will yield good profit. Pay more attention to marketing strategies. You will perform work successfully and enthusiastically in work area. You will be successful in most of your efforts. There may be some disputes or quarrels within the family member.

Students may get diverted from their studies. They may not concentrate on their studies. Saturn will be retrograde between May and September.

During this period your important work could get halted. Health issues will be problematic. You may get some sad news from some relative. Drive carefully during this period.

Saving money will be testing notwithstanding excellent earning. In the job, your image will be good in the eyes of your administrator. You will help your needy friend. You will do the expansion and the planning of the business.

The health of parents or some older person in the family needs care. There may be some disagreement between father and son between June and October.

Marital life will be charming. A new member may be added to your family.  You may think of changing your house. Despite making too many efforts, you may get fewer fruits of your hard work.


Capricorn Health and Physical WellbeingAnnual Forecast 2021: There is a mixed period for your well-being and comfort. Though there is no threat of any severe and incurable diseases, do get yourself checked for chronic illnesses regularly. Seasonal temperature, cold, cough, etc., may produce discomfort. Females should be cautious about the gynecological issue. Drive carefully. Take care of your routine and diet during traveling. Do not involve yourself in smoking and drinking; otherwise, you may have a health problem in the near future.


Capricorn Career, Business, and WealthAnnual Forecast 2021: You may face hurdles at work. You will work hard in business or a job. You may be the victor in any circumstances by your hard work. This year you will face a lot of challenges and contests. There will be hindrances in business related to government issues. There will be some business settings. You will not be able to save money notwithstanding good earning.

Keep healthy relationships with your associates. Keep an eye on your workers and co-workers as there is a possibility of your leaked out marketing secrets. Do not rely on anyone in money matters. You will get great business opportunities, but the money issue will not be stable. 


Capricorn Family, Children, and RelativesAnnual Forecast 2021: This is a challenging year for the Capricorn zodiac sign, but you will get support from your family members. Marital life will be good, and children will get entry into their preferred institutes or college. You will get into problems due to over-expenditure.

Your family will recognize your situation and cut their expenses. There Will be some promising moments in the family at the end of the year. The health of an old family member will require care. Due to the retrograde of Saturn between May and September, disagreements will happen among family members. You will manage each state with your experience. You will constantly help your families. Maybe your relatives may envy you and not cooperate with you.


Capricorn Education, Study and CareerAnnual Forecast 2021: Students qualifying for the Civil Services will have to work extremely hard. Capricorn zodiac signs are not afraid of hard work and are firm in their beliefs. But this time, may have to face failures.

This year will produce combined outcomes for students. There will be hurdles if you are preparing for career-oriented courses. Some students may get achievement in departmental exams. You will work hard and succeed in interviews and group discussions. By the end of the year, you may get an increment in your job.


Capricorn Romance and FriendsAnnual Forecast 2021: There is Sadesaati of Saturn this year, so be cautious in your love relationships. You will not enjoy your love experience due to your time spent in business. Take care as your love affair may be in the air. This situation may arise between June to October.

Misunderstandings among lovers will resolve amicably. This year, any old mate or some influential personality will assist you to overcome any projects. Your social and friend circle will expand, and they will help you in need.


Capricorn Vehicle, Expenses, and Auspicious OccasionsAnnual Forecast 2021:  You have to spend money on a vehicle, either purchasing a new one or repairing the old one. This year you may buy movable or immovable property. The period of November and December will produce good moments. Hold your funds; do not make over-expenditure; otherwise, you may come into a loan trap. You may take a loan for a home or vehicle. Some mishappening in June or July. Drive carefully, obey rules apply safety measures.


Capricorn Losses, Loans, and MishappeningsAnnual Forecast 2021: This year,Saturn's Sade Sati is affecting the Capricorn zodiac sign. There may be a situation of loss and damages from workers from April to September. You may have to borrow or take a loan for your child's study or elder's family members. Take care of your health too, or you may be struck your seasonal ailments. Drive carefully to evade an unpleasant situation. Don't trust anybody in money matters. If you hold a government job, you must be careful of any conspiracy against you.


Capricorn TravelsAnnual Forecast 2021: You may travel to religious places with your family members before May. Traveling from a business point of view will not be successful.