Leo | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Leo Annual Forecast 2021 in General:


This year is progressing with optimistic predictions for you. Competitors and opponents will not survive this year. At the end of this year, those undergoing persistent ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disorder, etc., will get some relief. Seasonal illnesses such as cold, cough, flu may persist. You belong to the Leo zodiac, and a Leo person wins over his opponents ever powers them and does not leave them at any cost. This year you will triumph over your competitors. There are also indications of financial and professional gains this year. There will be new collaborations in business and professional workplaces which will pave the way for your progress and success.

You would be required to take your work sincerely and discharge your duties with full commitment. Carelessness may prove detrimental. Some order or important work may go out of your hands. Due to Planet Saturn, there might be some physical discomfort or anxiety. Tiredness, weakness, fatigue, headache, and stomach problem will cause you pain. You can also be a victim of some conspiracy, so be careful. Work very carefully if you are in a job. Any plan of increase in business will proceed this year. You will need to sincerely take important decisions, which will yield rich dividends in the long run. You will confer complete dedication, confidence, and honesty in your work. Your superiors will be pleased and happy with your job.

However, this will not prove a productive and satisfying year for students. There would be a lack of focus in studies due to TV, social media, and adventure. The court cases will be settled in your favour, if any. There may be a chance to buy a property this year. For professionals, there will be difficult times. Your every movement, every action is being watched by your seniors very closely. Therefore take every step carefully. A friendly environment will prevail at the house and in the family. The association with colleagues will increase. Your kids, spouse, and parents will remain your preference and develop a balance between home and business. However, some differences may prevail among life partners. It would be best if you respected each other's feelings. Some elderly and aged family members' ill health may prove cause for concern between June and October. You will overcome any negativity around yourself with your intelligence and enlightenment. You will move forward in your job or profession. There are good opportunities for property purchase, but you will not get any monetary support from any family and friends.


Leo Health and Physical wellbeing in the year 2021: Your health will prevail, satisfying. Because of Saturn's occupancy, there is no possibility of any severe or fatal disease. The health of Eldar members may cause you great concern, and you will attend the clinic regularly. However, seasonal illnesses like cold, headache, fever, flu and cough, etc., will frequently bother you. Keep regular health checkups and monitor against ailments like diabetes, heart complications, blood pressure, etc. The spouse's health may cause concern between April to September on account of the transition of Jupiter. Drive your vehicle carefully during this period. Follow routine exercise and diet schedule.


Leo Career, Business, and Wealth in the year 2021: You will employ your potential and skills to the maximum this year. A notable transaction or collaboration may take place in business. You will develop many innovative plans and schemes for growing business. To a large extent, you will implement them too, though you will receive low returns. Still, your confidence and willpower will not below. The slow pace in work will affect your work upto some extent. During the year, business activities will take place. Still, some government-related issues may occur like tax, GST, custom, VAT, etc., when our competitors complain about you in some government department, Beware of business competitors, co-workers, and partners. You will get opportunities to invest in property, shares, etc. but think twice before investing. It is additionally needed to be careful of online scams and cheating. Stay away from the share market.

The application of modern methods, skills, or machinery can improve your production. You will make some important business decisions. Do not trust anyone in the matter of business. This is not a good time to let money; you'll encounter many difficulties in getting it back. There are possibilities for Leos persons to earn money and invest in property this year.


Leo Family, Children, and Relatives in the year 2021: This year, you will experience an exceptional balance between your family and work. You will get endless love and care from your life partner this year. Take care of the wealth of your life partner in September. Your social network and popularity will increase. April onwards, you will have tensions related to your child's education, career, marriage, etc. There will be a mutual understanding between couples; they will respect each other's opinions and sentiments. Sometimes minor misunderstandings may take place with the interference of other family members. But these disputes will be solved with time. Do not expect help from your in-laws this year. Relation with your younger brother will not remain good. There may be chances that a new member in the family is expected. Take care of the health of elders and seniors in your family.

Leo Education and Career in the year 2021: Students require more effort, labour, and hard work this year. Focus on your goal to get success in any competition. Prepare perfectly for interviews, group conversations, video conferencing, etc.; results of job-related exams and departmental examinations will not be that concrete and positive. In September, your struggles and hard work may generate desirable outcomes. Students pursuing science, mechanics, judicial, economic, and registered technical disciplines will succeed this year. Do not involve in social media, networking sites, and bad company. You will get job opportunities and job offers between April to September. Focus more on personality development, get education in personality development, public speaking, participate in interviews, etc.


Leo Romance and Friends in the year 2021: Your social and friend circle will be very comprehensive. New names will keep on adding to your friend list; however, observing the real friend amongst them will prove very challenging for you. You will receive the full support of some friends this year. At the same time, you will also go out of your way to support your friend. As far as love is involved, you may be cheated or double-crossed in your love relationships. So take care as this year is not favourable for romance. Stress may prevail in your love life due to the intervention of others: practice self-control and patience in your romantic life. Avoid extra-marital affairs, or else your married life may get in trouble.

b Your income will be satisfactory this year, and You will spend on the acquisition of land, property, house, or vehicle. You may also buy an electronic gadget, daily use item, gold, silver, etc. You might to spent more on the repair and maintenance of the vehicle. Drive carefully and with attention. Keep a limit on spendthriftness. A pleasant occasion in the family or in relations may occur in the month of November, December.


Leo Loans and Financial Position in the year 2021: There is minimal probability of losses this year, though still, you need to apply caution. Keep an eye on your workers' movements. Any professional report or business leakage incident may appear. You may have to take a loan to purchase any property or house, flat, etc. You may get tricked or stuck in money matters. Follow traffic laws religiously, Drive carefully, or some mishappening may occur. Do not drink while driving.


Leo Travels in the year 2021: You will visit many holy places on trips. Opportunities for work-related trips also take place. Be observant regarding eating habits or drink during these trips. Stay away from spicy or oily foods.