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Diamond Gemstone

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Diamond Gemstone or Hira: We know Diamond Gemstone by various names like Pavi, Braja, Bhargavapriya, Heera, Heerak, Kulish, Abhedya, Sridoor, etc.

  • Its color is white. However, many-colored diamonds are also there, most pure and transparent.
  • It has a great capacity to attract the opposite sex. Wearing it improves one’s physical appearance. It creates sexual attraction in the person who wears it. When lovers wear it, people feel physically attracted to each other for sexual performance.
  • The persons born in the Taurus and Libra ascendant have it as their principal gem for life. It further influences the life of the Ascendant Taurus and Ascendant Libra natives. Diamond assures comfortable marital life for the persons who have Aries Ascendant and Scorpio Ascendant as the Planet Venus is in the Seventh house as its Lord. If any native wears a diamond with a prayer of the heir, one gets an heir. It is an excellent significator for a person who has the Aquarius Ascendant and Virgo Ascendant. If a Diamond is worn, one’s fate gets boosted. For the person under the Ascendant Capricorn, the diamond increases the possibilities of wisdom, education, heirs, and Prosperity.


The Benefits Of Wearing The Diamond Stone:

  1. The favorable diamond Gem would assure release from the worry or unex­pected trouble, infection, enemies, and would further expand wealth. Since the diamonds are extremely attractive, the women get quickly drawn towards it. On the other hand, the women who are desiring to deliver birth to a male baby should not wear any diamonds.
  2. Diamonds Increases Social Status. Diamonds Gems have a different quality also. Whoever touches this, he or she looks smarter. Diamond, the hardest material on earth, is usually preferred by women for elegance, glamour beauty, status, and jewelry purposes. If a part of the diamond touches the palm of an older man, his powerless palm will sense empowered.
  3. Venus rules Diamond If Venus is well placed in Birth Chart or horoscope, then it benefits the wearer pretty fast. Worn the good quality of Diamond under the proper guidance of Astrologer. The three essentials of an excellent feature are shade, cut, and clarity.


A Few General Indications of Diamond

Worn the Diamond proper check-up of horoscope or Birthchart. However, one may receive the kindness of Venus as under:


  1. It provides Facilitates marital comfort for ladies.
  2. It Improves ability and success in art, painting, design, drawing, theatre, and movies.
  3. It Magnifies interest in physical acts and also increases sexual performance.
  4. It further gives victory in courts, litigation, etc.
  5. Diamond supports to Increases longevity and overall financial Prosperity.
  6. It also serves as a nutritious pacifier for several doshas and may heal several diseases.
  7. Diamond is also useful in facial paralysis, bronchitis, pneumonia, , diabetes and gynaecological disorders.
  8. It also helps to enhance reliability in love, affection and commitment towards each other.

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