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Sade Sati

Sade Sati: 7.5 years of transit of Saturn

Sade Sati means 7.5 years of transit of Saturn in the zodiac. Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters 12th bhava from the natal moon. It remains there for 2.5 years, then Saturn transits over the natal moon for 2.5 years after that it transits in the first bhava from the natal moon for 2.5 years.

We can also explain the transit of Saturn through the degrees. Sadesati starts when Saturn is transiting at the degree, which is 45 degrees behind the natal moon’s degree, and it ends when Saturn is transiting 45degree ahead from natal moon’s degree.

Sadesati – Psychological Aspect

I heard many times from the people saying I am in pain or doing struggle because mySade Sati is running. But it is not true- Everybody wants money, wealth, happiness but no one wants to suffer.

Saturn is the planet of hardship, struggle, justice, and punishment. It gives the result according to one’s karma. It teaches us like a father or guru. If someone refuses to do something, Saturn holds him as a father and forced him to do that for their learning and experience. There is a difference between strictness and anger…. For example; A child who has not seen the fire before he is trying to catch fire, but his father holds him tightly and doesn’t let him go there. The child doesn’t like it, and he is crying, but his father knows that fire would harm him- Same way in the period of 7.5 years, one gets learning’s and experience of life through Hardships and struggle, but it helps him lifelong.

Sadesati – 7.5 years of Saturn‘s transit

There is a distinctive interpretation of 7.5 years of Saturn‘s transit. The 7.5 years distributed among various parts of the body. During this period, Saturn is supposed to pass one by one through certain parts of the body.

1. First 2.5 years, Saturn passes through Head

2. Second 2.5 years, Saturn passes through Heart

3. Last 2.5 years, Saturn passes through Feet

First 2.5 Years: Saturn Passes Through Head

The above points explain human nature. In the first 2.5 years, Saturn is transiting through “Head,” which means our “Outer conscious.” At this stage, Saturn can put you in financial and personal stress, but all these obstacles can be handled because the problem arises in our outer consciousness.

Second 2.5 Years: Saturn Transits Through “Heart”

Among the above, when Saturn crosses the heart in the middle 2.5 years, the worst result is felt.

In the Second 2.5 years, Saturn transits through “Heart” or over the natal moon, which means our “Inner subconscious”. The person gets the worst results here. Attachment and Enmity exist in Inner subconscious. Native sometimes takes the wrong decision due to his anger or due to his attachment. He gets huge pain and obstacles at this stage. “Rishi Patanjali,” said that the person has to become the witness of his pain. Only after that will he be able to get the knowledge. We all know that the purity of Gold can be check by the heat of the fire, and a person can become Gold when he goes through the process of hardship.

Third 2.5 Years, Saturn Transits Through “Feet”

In the Third 2.5 years, Saturn transits through “Feet,” Which means “Pragya” or Real knowledge. At this stage, Native becomes neutral. He already learned many things from his experience and knew how to move on in life. The problems do not affect him as he solves them with his expertise.

Saturn – Planet Which Can Transform The Person.

Here we got the answer to why Saturn gives good results when it passes through 3rd Bhava from Natal Moon. Saturn is the only planet that can transform the person.