Leo | Monthly Horoscope


From 1st June 2021
To 30th June 2021

Leo Monthly Horoscope 2021


1st to 7th Leo Horoscope:- From 1 st to 3 rd June, you will face embarrassment from summer-related diseases. You will work in harmony and a relaxed state of mind. You will run blindly for money. Expenses will rise. You will feel small hesitation in trying into new fields.  Keep a check on your costs; otherwise, you may incur losses. You will destroy your relationships with friends and co-workers between the 3rd to 5 th. Your competitors and opponents can prepare a secret plan or a conspiracy against you. You need to be more careful if you in a job. You may be consigned with a significant responsibility at your workplace on the 6th and 7th. People Will appreciate your skill and experience. Your Enemies and opponents will not be able to stand against you. Administrators and superiors will be pleased with your work.


8th to 15th Leo Horoscope:- Your fame will rise between 8th and 10th. You will plan of development in business will work. You will be highly involved with your job, and you will not get any time for yourself. Financial condition will improve between 11 th and 13th June. Enemies and conspiracies will come to an end. You will spend time and money to buy household items. You may bring something new plan to your work, career or business. Financially you will be in a solid and stable position during this period. You may fall into a trap between 13th to 15th June. You may get bad or unpleasant messages from around you. Someone may obtain an advantage of your skills and ability. You will do such work for which you may have to face criticism and shame.


16th to 23rd Leo Horoscope:- All the tasks you have taken will be completed on the 16th and 17th. You will get benefits in whatever work you do. Targets and situations will both be in your favour. You will meet some close relatives and friends. You will feel fresh recalling some old memories. You will have to bring changes within yourself to achieve your objectives. Old tensions will vanish on 18th and 19th June. You will have a quality and happy time with the family. You will spend time reading and study some educational and spiritual books. Your mood will be good, and you will devote entirely to your work on the 20th and 21 st. Financially you will be in a solid and secure position. You will work seriously and honestly at your workplace, which will satisfy your chiefs. Some unpleasant and unfavourable messages may come your way on 22nd and 23rd. Be careful; and take extra care time is not in your favour,


24th to 30th Leo Horoscope:- There are strong chances of financial losses on the 24th. There are also chances of you being offensive and wicked. Stay away from lotteries, gambling etc. On 25th and 26th, you will have to entertain unwanted guests. This time will be full of possibilities for students may be successful in a competitive exam. There will be a decline in career. You will meet a particular relative or old friend. There are chances of hearing good news on the 27th and 28 th. You will work extremely hard and eventually achieve all your objectives. You will also be busy with fun and funny stuff. On 29th, your family will be your preference. Everything will be expected. Beware of enemies on the 30th Someone may deceive you.