Pisces | Weekly Horoscope


From 16th June 2021
To 23rd June 2021

Pisces Weekly Horoscope


16th to 23rd Pisces Horoscope:- 16th and 17th are big dates for dealing in property. You will be busy with your work. You will concentrate firmly on your work. You will perform well because your progressive views will make you famous amongst people. You will have tremendous ability and potential for work. The Moon position on the 18th and 19 th will bring you peace. You will start preparing new projects by implementing a lot of thought. You will have a positive approach to keeping negative thoughts away and will remain active at work. You will find new sources of income and save money; You will invest thoughtfully for the need of the future. The time is not right on the 20th and 21st. There can be health-related problems. You will not be satisfied even though your social contacts will grow; It will be harmful to be lazy in your work. The 22nd and 23rd will be successful days. You will be satisfied.