Aquarius | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2024
To 31st December 2024

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2024

This year, you'll have to deal with challenges and problems in every area. Saturn, the Lord of your Zodiac, is rotating in your sign. As gold, you will emerge from the fires of your challenges. The health will be weak. New diseases will attack. Bad habits and bad company should be avoided. If you continue to drink and take drugs, your body will be destroyed. You'll invite serious diseases. Your financial situation will be normal this year. Even in business, there will be some laziness and carelessness. Even though you will put in much effort, the situation won't improve. Both time and money will be wasted on useless work. Rahu is the entire year's Rahu in the money house. The money will be spent before it is earned. Savings will not be possible. Hospital bills for an elderly family member will need to be paid. Business expansion plans will be made but will not be taken seriously. There will be delays in plans for various reasons.

The year will be a good one for peace and family enjoyment. You will have the support of your family in all situations. You will receive the blessings and affection of your elders. The spouse, children, and wife will reduce their expenditure according to the situation. There will be a boost in courage and new contacts. Students will see the fruits of their labor. Success in exams for competitions, jobs, or careers. Your mother's health will worsen after 1st May. The vehicle will incur additional costs. Obstacles will arise in the way of promising work.

There will be no better situation for your work and livelihood. Throughout the year, you will continue to be targeted by your enemies and their plots. Saturn's retrograde rotation from the 30th of June to the 15th of November will also give you more chances. Use safety measures like a seatbelt and helmet while driving.

This year, you can make important decisions about your children's education. Signing a document without having read it will lead to big problems. In court, there will be favorable situations. In the event of a false testimony, you may be on the receiving end. Excessive expenses will occur. It is important to control extra expenses. Saturn is rotating backward between 30th June and 15th November. This means that an increase in income will not be possible, but you can still manage your budget if you cut down on the extra expenses.


Physical Health and Happiness  in the year 2024:

Your health will fluctuate throughout the year. Saturn is rotating backward between 30th June and 15th November this year. This could lead to a risk of blood-related diseases. Immunity is weak. Devguru Jupiter can cause an accident after the 1st of May. Seasonal sickness is possible between May and September. You may have problems with stomach-related digestion diseases that are bone-related. Chant "Om Houn Joon Sah". By the grace of Lord Ashutosh, there will be fewer pains. Organize your routine. Be sure to pay attention to your diet.


Business, Profession, and Wealth in the year 2024

This year, there is a strong indication of buying movable assets, but the chances of purchasing immovables like land, buildings, etc., are slim. This year, there will be obstacles and hurdles in the way of money gains. The work will also be stuck in the future, even though you plan to expand the work. You will be able to finish the work of others easily, but you will have difficulty with your own. During Saturn's retrograde rotation, between 30 June and 15 November, you will have an excessive workload. 

The results and returns will be lower. Unpaid taxes could result in penalties. Problems could arise in relation to taxes, royalties, customs money, VAT, income taxes, etc. You may be the target of complaints from your business competitors or opponents. They are looking to gain an advantage by bringing you down. Before investing, do a thorough check and analysis. Avoid flattery. You will never lose your courage or trust. You can achieve the impossible in business with your courage and confidence. You should also make an effort to please your superiors in the workplace. The targets are under pressure. Your work should be completed with honesty, loyalty, and total seriousness.


Home & Family in the year 2024 :

You will be able to feel the support of your family members and friends. Between February and August, there could be some tensions or rifts between husbands and wives. There may be disagreements of opinion. These differences will be resolved. Before the 1st of May, bachelors will receive marriage proposals. Before making a decision, do your research. Children will obey your commands. Children's career issues will be resolved this year, but marriage concerns will still be present. 

You can overcome the most difficult obstacles with the blessings of your parents and elders. Between April and August, there may be some verbal disagreements between mother and daughter-in-law or sisters-in-law. Your relatives will be envious of your growing power and courage. Watch out for enemies and adversaries. Saturn's position will bring more family problems.
Due to Jupiter's position, there are best chances to study and learn before the 1st of May. The best opportunities are made in the field of study. There could be opportunities and chances in the career. Exam results will be favorable for competitions, departmental tests, and job-related tests. However, between 30 June and 15 November, your attention may be distracted due to Saturn's retrogressive movement. You will lack concentration and focus. You will be unable to focus on your target and lose track of things. You will move towards your goal in terms of career or job. Your career seems to be on the right track with some help from a renowned person. For best results, students should continuously chant "Om Vidyanidhye Namah."


Friendships and Love in the year 2024 :

Venus, the planet of love and friendship, is in the tenth house at the start of the year. This will make this a good year for love relationships. Misunderstandings between lovers will be resolved. This year, I'll warn you that there is a risk of romances being exposed between 30th June and 15th November. This will cause tension in the family. Love is another name for sacrifice and surrender. You will be required to meet these two criteria in this period. In this year's new friends, the number will grow. You will lend a helping hand to someone in need.  

Studies, education, and other expenditures: The year-end expenditures will be reflected if you don't reduce your spending. You will see a breakdown of the expenses for children's studies, education, and other promising works. Between 30th June and 15th November, there will be some planning for an auspicious event. This year, you will be able to enjoy several auspicious occasions.


Failures, debts, and other untoward circumstances in the year 2024

This year will be a year of financial loss, debt, and untoward incidents for Aquarius people. Check everything before investing. You may be separated from loved ones between 30th June and 15th January. Take your business decisions carefully. There's a possibility that you could lose money. It may be necessary to borrow money, but you will repay it in due time. Between 30th June and 15th November, there could be an unpleasant incident with a family member. Some enemies could cause trouble. Keep an eye out for any enemies who may be causing trouble.

Spend a lot on social and religious functions. You will be attracted to public welfare, and salvation works for victims. This year, you will not be able to purchase a new vehicle. Money will be spent on the repair and maintenance of old vehicles. The vehicle will have repeated breakdowns. I advise you to drive your vehicle cautiously. Avoid alcohol and mobile phones while driving.


Travel in the year 2024

There could be important religious travels in the middle of the calendar year. This year, you will also travel for business, but most of these trips will not produce the results you hoped.