Aquarius | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Aquarians Annual Forecast 2021


Aquarians Annual Forecast 2021 in General: This year your Zodiac will be influenced by Sadhe saati of Saturn. There may be some minor difficulties concerning health issues. So be careful. It would be best if you do routine checkups and tests for diabetes, blood pressure, etc. think twice before making any important decisions regarding service or business. You will create strategies for a whole year and then proceed in an organized manner. Control your expenses. You will be spending higher than you are earning.

 You will have to make short journeys willingly or not. You will suffer discouragement and problem during travels and not be fruitful. At the beginning of this year, your opponents might plot against you but will not achieve. Nonetheless, the activities of your enemies will give you anxious moments. Aquarians, take part in works of kindness and social service with great interest. This year it is essential that you keep clarity in all your work. Otherwise, you might encounter some allegations. Mother's health might be slightly affected. Drive very carefully, and you have to spend on the maintenance of the vehicle. You will not be able to solve a property dispute. Take care of the health of elders and parents in the home. The position of Venus will decline your work efficiency.

There will be some worries related to government matters as income tax, GST. It would be best not to trust anyone in money matters; one can cheat or deceive you. You will not pay due attention to your work or job; thus, you will incur a loss. If you are in a government job,  you will face a great challenge to keep superior administrators satisfy. You have to be very careful, as someone can charge against you. You might have to face a departmental inquiry. You will dedicate your time to family. You will recognize that in every problematic situation, your family members stand with you.

You will look after your family members' requirements and maintain a good balance between your work and the family. The students will not be able to concentrate much on studies; and will divert their mind. Keep a watch on your business competitors; they can harm you.


Aquarians Health and Physical WellbeingAnnual Forecast 2021: Your health this year will remain average. Any carelessness about health can be severe. Saturn, the ruler of your sign, is affecting you for 7.5 years --Sadhe Saati and might trouble you. In May to September, you will experience stomach-related diseases. Maintain control over your weight. Obesity is the root cause of many illnesses. You may control your health by implementing yoga, meditation,  walking, exercise in your daily routine. Eye diseases and skin problems will sort out. Get routine checkups for diabetes, blood pressure. Be careful about what you are eating and your drinking habits during your trips.


Aquarians Career, Business, and WealthAnnual Forecast 2021: Business and professional growth will be medium this year. But do not allow disappointment and negative feelings to overcome you, but keep up your works and enthusiasm for achieving progress. It is essential to make the right decision in the right conditions for prosperity in business or profession. You will show your experience and skill in your work. Your sign is under the influence of Saturn's Sadhe Saati, hence do not rely upon anyone about financiers matters. Do not lend money to anyone. If you are in a job, then do all tasks with judiciousness and carefully. Do not trust any outsider or unfamiliar person; otherwise, you will have to bear a heavy loss. You will try new trade practices. Introducing a new device, technology, and facilities will improve your profession or business and open the doors to success.

You will meet a prominent person this year. For business loans or business contracts, read documents carefully and not sign without proper reading and reviewing it. Do not be careless and pay attention to possibilities in your work to get growth opportunities. In a job or business, you have to take every step carefully.


Aquarians Family, Children, and RelativesAnnual Forecast 2021: Throughout the year, you get the support of your home and family members in all your tough times. There will remain a delightful mood at home during the year. There may be small quarrels between husband and wife. Ultimately, the situation will normalize. Your father or a father figure in your family will experience health difficulties. The situation from March to June will be a time of concern about your children's learning, educational institution, fees matter. Your children will do hard work, and they will achieve their goals with hard work and concentration. You will get cooperation from your relatives to solve family matters.


Aquarians Education, Study, and CareerAnnual Forecast 2021: Students will have to work hard and put in a lot of effort. There will be a loss of concentration. Keep a range from social media. People trying for a job will get a new job. Put your best efforts so you will be victorious in any competition or examination and interview.

Students connected with higher education can get scholarships. Stay away from love relationships and only focus on your study or work.


Aquarians Romance and FriendsAnnual Forecast 2021: Aquarians have a lot of social and friend circles. You will also have many friends, which will be valuable to you at several stages in life. You will likewise deliver a helping hand to friends. The effect of Sadhe Saatti You are advised to stay away from love affairs; otherwise, you may slander and may spoil your reputation. It is essential to decide with your experience in many subjects, rather than by your heart. Stay away from extramarital relationships if you want peace in family.


Aquarians Vehicle, Expenses, and Auspicious OccasionsAnnual Forecast 2021: This year, your vehicle might trouble you a lot. Get routine service for your vehicle. Rahu may cause you unusual difficulties while driving. Any negligence on this front can prove very costly. Some unpleasant incidents can take place in the workplace.  This year, you will have to spend money on many things and save funds for a time of need. Have to check over extravagant expenses. This year you will take part in any auspicious celebration of a relation. There will expense for the medical treatment of some older members of the family member.


Aquarians Losses, Loans, and MishappeningsAnnual Forecast 2021: In the year 2021, you may lose money. You will work very hard to improve your business or profession. But you will have to suffer losses. If you are in job, be careful, someone might plot a conspiracy against you. There is an indication of failure in business or in a job. Do not sign on any document without reading it properly. Stay away from smoking or drinking and make distance from the bad association. Take control of your tongue and temper. To remain preserved on unfortunate events.


Aquarians Travels Annual Forecast 2021: This year, all journeys before April will be very fruitful. Some pilgrimage is also indicated.  Business or work-related trips in this period will be exhausting and will not produce good results.