Gemini | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Gemini Annual Forecast 2021

Gemini Annual Forecast 2021 in General This year will be full of challenges for Geminions; Saturn position will be an attention for health, as well as monetary difficulties Will also, blockade you. Planet Saturn will have a dominant impact on Gemini. Planet Saturn position will generate a circumstance of diseases. Obstacles and challenges will await you at every level, and your self-confidence will also go down. You will not be able to focus on your job so that you can shuffle in your profession. Although there is less possibility of any kind of severe illness, joint pain, abdomen diseases, allergies, etc., will bother you.  Regular check for diabetes, blood pressure, heart condition, etc. Mars will provide solutions to a specific problem with knowledge and wisdom. Whatsoever be the circumstances, they will not bother your control. The placement of Mars and the Sun are indicating an increase in strength and power. The span of your associations will increase, and your spirit will be high.

This year the Saturn will be obstacles in your promotions. Due to the position of Saturn, you will work extremely hard this year, but you will not get the desire results. A significant sum of money might get stuck in some project. There will be difficulties due to conspiracies. People in government Jobs should take extra care as you may find yourself in challenging conditions. Your family, friends and relatives will stand with you in difficult times. 

Your life partner will boost your spirit and faith. Society will appreciate your skill and ability. Students should pay attention to their study and those who are attempting for govt. Jobs require to put in extra efforts. This year, government taking problems may occur, so be careful and keep your paperwork in order. Rahu position indicates that you will have to travels regularly, willingly or not. There may also be chances that you will have spent on health-related issues this year. The health of an older person in the relationship may decline. You will visit holy, religious, and spiritual places this year.

Gemini Health and Physical wellbeing at the year 2021: Due to Saturn's influence, your health will not remain good, less of immunity, giving you prone to seasonal diseases. Diseases like gas, knee pains and bone-related disorders will be there. Take extra care because these conditions can prove critical. Also, check your blood pressure level. Saturn position indicates an unexpected sickness between May to September.  Give up your bad habit, like drinking, smoking etc., if any. Take regular health checkups to keep a close watch on your health.

Gemini Career, Business and Wealth at the year 2021: There will be an increase in earnings this year, but expenses will also increase. You will have to exert stress to set up your profession. You will not get the desire returns in the identical proportion as the endeavours you put in. Monetary problems and insufficiency will continue. Because of the Sun, the beginning of the year and Rahu's position, you will succeed in all field. Money will come in, but slowly. Be careful in your investments. It would be best if you tried to sharpen your talents a little more.

Those will be benefited who are connected with property, textiles, petroleum, commission and trade. Keep watch on money-related transactions this year. Keep an eye on the actions of associate and workers; they can prove to be unfaithful. If you have any plan concerning expansion, it will prevail on paperwork only. Fulfil your duties in your profession and work with commitment and responsibility. In business, retain your connections good with your clients. Preserve control of useless expense and make investments after thorough checking.


Gemini Family, Children and Relatives at the year 2021: The year will be termed significant from the point of view of your children's career. Major decisions concerning the career, education and wedding of your kids will take place this year. There can be small stress between husband and wife. The difficulty about admission to the educational institute of choice, subject etc., will be there but will be resolved after the guidance of a professional. There will be Controversies about property matters amongst family members. Your opponents will feel jealous of your growing power and dominance. There can be unusual quarrels amongst family members. The blessings and motivation of elders can be helpful in your progress.


Gemini Education, Study and Career at the year 2021: Jupiter will be obstacles in the education of Gemini-born.The effect of Saturn will also prove a barrier in getting outcomes. About job-oriented examinations, something can go wrong at the last minute. If you pass the written tests, something might go the opposite in the interview. This year you should progress towards your goal with complete attention and refrain from entertainment and other similar matters. The year may be favourable for management, banking, financial services, C.A., C.S, etc. 


Gemini Romance and Friends at the year 2021: At the beginning of the year, the position of Venus and Ketu provide you a lot friends and well-wishers.  As far as love affairs are concerned, there will be a lot of proposals this year. There will be warmth in love matters. There will be a mutual understanding among love partners and will care about the feelings of each other. The blossom of love will keep you fresh and passionate.


Gemini Vehicles and auspicious occasions at the year 2021: At the beginning of the year, position Mercury and Mars will get tired of the everyday expenses, but you might plan to buy a new vehicle in June. You will spend after a lot of deliberation; still, you might have to take loans. There will be expenses on the disease of someone. You may also spend on some kind of significant and auspicious activity towards the end of the year. A state of expense might also occur due to any material issue.


Gemini Loans etc, at the year 2021: Drive your vehicles with extra caution this year, especially between May and September. Any unpleasant situation might occur now, or any bad news can get you worried. You might require to take loans to manage your financial standing. There are also risks of monetary losses due to some unexpected causes in business and profession. Be observant and extra careful before doing any big deal.

Gemini Travels at the year 2021: This year, you will visit religious places with your family members. The time is auspicious for travels. Trips for business or job linked will not produce outcomes as per your expectations.