Libra | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Libra Annual Forecast for the year 2021

Libra Annual Forecast 2021: This year is not good for Librans; Problems will have to be met on all fronts. Still, you will obtain new standards in living and work this year. Your health will be average; you must have self-control and discipline as the time is not favourable. You can experience an old disease. You must be observant and concerned about your health issue.

Do not ignore and neglect little problems concerning health. Seek medical aid quickly. There is a probability that you might have to undergo surgery. While seasonal diseases like abdomen, pain, neuralgia, cold, cough, possible to happen, remain careful against unusual severe sicknesses.

Librans are excellent at marketing. You will employ new trices and skills in your business. The planetary situation is not helpful in your chart, so you will not be very successful in the beginning. But with your hard labour, knowledge and commitment, you will apply all conditions in your favour,

There might be differences between your administrator and seniors because of your coworkers and opponents. Adopt a gentle and moderate approach in your communication and performance. This year is very beneficial for students. The position of Jupiter will turn towards their goals.

The mutual coordination and harmony between husband and wife will be very good. At the beginning of the year, You will find that your family members will support you in each challenging situation. This year, the health of some older person in the family will worsen. You will form an amazing new marketing policy in your business or profession. Do not involve yourself in a lottery, speculation, gambling, shares. You will support some near or friend financially this year. As Librans takes several decisions for emotional minds, This sentiment can prove very costly for you.

Between May and September, there may be some great mishap. Do not sign any document without examining it; otherwise, you could get involved in legal difficulties or problems. Your money might get locked up in some government or non-government association. You will not be capable of solving this matter and will have to go to court to settle matters. Your opponents will be working against you, but they will not be able to harm you. This year, you will acquire a lot of wealth in the form of property, cash and gold. You will be smart to employ your sources accurately to earn.


Libra Health and Physical Wellbeing Forecast for the year 2021: This year showing many ups and downs in the health-related issue. The position of Jupiter and Saturn will be the cause of some unexpected illness. This may arise as a problem in the veins.

A health check-up is needed for continued persisting illness. Negligence and overconfidence can cause a dangerous and severe disease. It is essential to focus more on a diet plan, daily yoga and walking. Take exceptional care of meals and drink habit when driving and visiting some union. You may visit the hospital for a friend or relative health matter. Your immunity will be low, so disease or infection may take place. You will be tempted to medical applications like Ayurveda, Yunani Naturopathy, Acupressure to treat yourself.


Libra Career, Business and Wealth Forecast for the year 2021: There will be only partial progress in the business. Plans to grow business will fertilise, even though these will not generate a large profit. With the help of new methods, experiences and appliances in your business, you will improve production; you will not comprise the quality of the product. Librans are skilled in the business matter; with your knowledge and market intelligence, you can turn even loss into profit. Your competitors and business rivals will not be able to stand against you.

In mid of the year, put off additional investment in a business or its development. The time is not suitable.

You might get into some problem with the government department. This could be on the complaint of some rival or enemy. Due to the position of Saturn, there will be problems generated by enemies. Do not rely on anyone as regards money matter. Someone close may betray you. You might get a large order in your work or enter into a large deal with some big party.

Maintain healthy relations with everyone at the workplace. Support your coworkers at the need. You might have to spend on your maintenance of property and wealth. In professional matters, do not join into any unnecessary conflict with anyone, as it may lead to action. Any legal conflicts are best settled out of court through settlement or arbitration. You will be capable of getting finances by a loan from a bank or financial institution.


Libra Family, Children and Relatives Forecast for the year 2021: This year is full of accomplishments as regards family matters. Every family member will cut back on his expense because of your monetary situation and difficulty. You will find your near and dear are supporting you in all tough situation.

Give attention to your children's performance, attitudes and company. There might be some stress between husband and wife. With mutual understanding and harmony, you will handle conflicts among brothers over money and property division. You force to incur expense on the ailment. You will get the help of seniors, parents and older family members of the family.

Relations might envy you on account of your growing influence and control. A new guest might arrive at home.


Libra Education, Study and Career Forecast for the year 2021: Students require to put more extraordinary efforts this year into education. You need to be cautious at all step in your job and career. It would be best if you concentrated on your goal. Negligence at your work can be very costly. Your boss or senior officer might criticise you.

Your associates will assist you in your job. Everything may not go fine in an interview or group discussion.


You may be victorious in departmental examination or any exam for a job purpose. You will see some more satisfying moments. Students involved in mechanics, polytechnic, engineering, or interior design have a bright future ahead for them.

To succeed, you will have to exhibit self-control. Your primary secret for success will have to put dedication into your work. There will lot of trouble on many counts in the minds of students. Keep your mind and heart stable.


Libra Romance and Friends Forecast for the year 2021: This is not a great year from the point of view of love relationships and links. You might end up compromising your career or your education by getting engaged in some love affair. The danger of some affair being exposed persists this year, which will threaten domestic peace. The biggest challenge this year will be to coordinate your love relationships and family life. You will become emotional and continue helpful support to a colleague in crisis. Unlimited love for someone is an immediate invitation to dispute. Hence be careful of limits and boundaries.


Libra Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Occasions Forecast for the year 2021: You will be bothered by your vehicle frequently breaking down.  Position of Saturn indicative of problems due to vehicles. Get your vehicle repaired regularly. Prevent wasteful expenditure and save funds. You might be the victim of unusual online cheating or fraud. Do not share your credential with anyone.


An unpleasant event or circumstance may take place. Ceremonies, celebrations or happy event is probable. There might be some disruption in some celebration at the house, but you may join in some joyous event like a marriage at some relative's residence.


Libra Losses, Loans and Mishappenings Forecast for the year 2021: There are signs of monetary loss and unfortunate happenings this year. In monetary affairs, do not trust relations or colleagues. Between May and September, someone very close to you will disclose your trust. Some large orders might get cancelled, or some clients might get annoyed with your functioning and eliminate business associations with you. You will get a loan with very ease, but you will face problem in its repayment. So you will come under stress on account of the loan. Be careful of competitors and tricks. May put some secret plan aimed against you.


Libra Travels Forecast for the year 2021: The business trip will be unprofitable this year. No achievements by travelling and you will only get physical discomfort. Spiritual journeys and pilgrimages also may not be organised.