Sagittarius | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2021


Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2021 in General: Greetings for 2021: This year will bring full of challenges for you. You will have to face a lot of problems. But you will strongly meet all of them.This year, Jupiter enables you to save money and boost your self-confidence. Your zodiac will be affected by Saturn in the year. Health will have its ups and downs. It would be best to take care of blood pressure and diabetes because any negligence regarding your health can be severe. This year, you will make money through your effort and labor, but your expense will increase. Saturn is blocking financial gain. This planetary position is not favorable for purchasing property, a house, or a vehicle. There will be more than average difficulties in implementing the plans for large expansion that you have been planning for some time. Take additional care in matters relating to communication with strangers. In your business, you should concentrate more on marketing and maintain the quality of your product.

This year, Jupiter will provide speedy development in matters of money and wealth. Your spirit will remain high. You will have a large circle of connections and join with new personalities. Throughout this year, Rahu will keep your enemies active. Many conspiracies may be planned against you by hidden enemies. It needed to remain careful against the hidden

enemies. Even your close one may deceive you. Throughout the year, you will get less does not matter how hard work you do. At the beginning of the year, the presence of Mars will give favorable results to students in education. Students will focus on their studies and career and will Keep distance from social media and love relationships. This year your self-confidence and morale will be your most significant powers, which will make you achieve the most challenging assignments. On account of Mars, your authority and power in administrative circles will continue. You will get success in administration matters. Matters related to court cases and disputes will settle in your favor. You will get help from your family members and stand by you in all circumstances. There might be slight differences of opinion between husband and wife. In your job, you will fulfill your obligations with gravity and sincerity. There might even be some criticism against you. You will have to work hard to satisfy your chief and associates. Some business competitor is likely to hatch some secret plan or conspiracy against you, but Mars will ensure that all such schemes are defeated. Some conspiracy or plan against you will get exposed in the middle of the year.

Sagittarius Health and Physical Wellbeing annual forecast 2021: Health will see ups and downs at the begining of the year. While you will experience minor diseases, you additionally require to take care against major ailments. While there will be seasonal ailments, your immunity will also below. You need to take special care of your diet habits. In your daily routine, take time for yourself. Make yoga, exercise, walking, meditation, etc., a part of your daily schedule and lifestyle. Before April, you also may suffer from cough, cold, congestion, and illness. On account of Saturn, the health of some old family member or mother might suffer. Between April and

September, you might have to make frequent visits to hospitals. Obesity is the root of many ailments, so keep your weight under control.


Sagittarius Career, Business and Wealth annual forecast 2021: As far as your career or profession is concerned, the situation will remain challenging. You will have to do hard work to build your profession. Jupiter and Saturn indicate success after efforts in buying wealth and property. Your self-confidence and spirit will be remarkable. This self-confidence and high morale will help you to achieve the most complex assignments very quickly. Your most extraordinary quality is that you do not get confused in any situation. You will keep up your efforts for progress throughout the year in any conditions and at any cost. Even your co-workers and associates will recognize your business vision. You will get money this year, which you can invest wisely to improve your earnings sources. You will be encouraged and will proceed to make attempts to expand your learning and improve your abilities. Those involved in estate, textiles, teaching, petroleum, share, or business are likely to gain massive earnings this year. At the same time, in taking or lending money, do not blindly trust anyone, even if it is near or dear. Don't permit sentiment to affect your business decisions. Work with honesty and commitment. There might be some problems linking to tax matters, but these will sort out amicably. Keep your passion and anger in control. Read all the documents thoroughly before signing. Consider all matters gravely.


Sagittarius Family, Children, and Relatives annual forecast 2021: Your children will continue respectful. You will enjoy happiness as regards children. Husband and wife might have minor differences of opinion. On account of Mars, the problem relating to children, which persisted for a long time, will settle. You will be relieved of the issues relating to children's profession, marriage, education, etc. The health of your spouse may be the cause for attention. Between April and September, Jupiter might be some verbal dispute or conflict with brothers or relatives. A disagreement about the distribution of property may become more complex. Competitors will get jealous of your growing popularity and status. You might receive some bad news about a relative between June and October.


Sagittarius Education, Study, and Career annual forecast 2021: You will succeed by putting your applications into departmental examinations and interviews. Students will continue steady and conscious of their studies, professions, and ambitions. You might feel too much pressure to meet targets in your job, but you can manage these targets and objectives. Associates at work will provide all possible assistance and support to achieve goals. While your administrator and administrators will lead and guide you well. They will be satisfied with your work. Between June and October, which might lead to confusion. This position of Jupiter may decrease concentration ability for study. Stay away from social media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc., as it may adversely affect your fortunes. And do not involve yourself in any illicit relations or love affairs as these may destroy your name and reputation.


Sagittarius Romance and Friends annual forecast 2021: During the year, you will financially support a needy associate.  Friends, too, will always remain available to assist you in every way. Your social circle of friends will increase this year. You will be victorious in love relationships this year. Mars empowers you to make romantic advances. There is a need to avoid extramarital relations as some secret love affair gets exposed.


Sagittarius Vehicle, Expenses, and Auspicious Occasions annual forecast 2021: You will have to spend repairs on some old vehicle or purchase a new one. You might also spend in the study, profession, or job of a kid. You will incur petty expenses regularly throughout the year. You will have expenses related to family relations and social responsibilities. Take extra care for any online transaction as you may get cheated. Don't share your password, OTP, card number, or bank details with anyone. For auspicious concerns, the time is favorable at the end of the year in November and December.


Sagittarius Losses, Loans, and Mishappenings annual forecast 2021: During the year, the loans that you have taken for property, and vehicles, etc., will remain but slowly decrease. So do not bother too much about the loans and debt. Drive carefully. Obey government traffic rules while driving. Some improper or unpleasant incidents may take place with some relations. If you are in a government job, you should remain alert against being confined or pulled into some fake dispute or charge. Be away from all the illegal activities; otherwise, you may be trapped somewhere.


Sagittarius Travel annual forecast 2021: There will be a lot of travel this year. The trips associated with your job and work will not produce proportionate returns. The journeys will also involve physical trouble.