Scorpio | Yearly Horoscope


From 1st January 2021
To 31st December 2021

Scorpio Annual Forecast 2021

Scorpio Annual Forecast 2021 in General: 2021: is a very significant year for you. The transition of Saturn will give you a lot of determination. This year your health will remain good. You will feel a new vigor and enthusiasm in you. There will get relief in some old, long-standing illnesses, but negligence is not safe at any cost. Still, Seasonal diseases can disturb you. This year, you will give preference to your family and not to your business or job. You will have to spend the whole year in your siblings' and parents' responsibility. You will get your mothers' blessings. You will spend time with your kids and spouse in a pleasant way. It may lead to ignoring your profession or get diverted from your obligations in business. You will control the situation with your experience to match your home and business.

The Moon at the beginning of the year will determine you about your future. You will make new plans for your prospect in terms of prosperity and possibilities. You will work hard for more favorable working conditions in the work area and will get good results. New experiments at work will be tried by you. Fortune will be with you to a great extent. You will try new experiments in the work area. There may be very little chance for bachelors to get wedded. For married couples, the well-being of the spouse will be a reason of concern. On the business front, the financial position will be satisfactory. The Scorpions are of an angry nature. They don't forgive the enemy in general. Mars's position will empower you to win over your competitors. They will not be capable of harming you, notwithstanding placing their best efforts. This year Saturn influence the place of Luck and Expenditure. There will be more expenditure than earning. You will attend to all the little needs of the family.

Students will concentrate on their studies after picking a subject of their own interest. As the results of in Competition exam or interviews, the will get success. Venus will overcome you to make some decisions emotionally, which may not prove favorable; Venus also the planet that influences love. There will be progress in matters of the heart. Stay away from any illicit love affairs as it may defame you. The Ketu position in your horoscope will produce your opportunities and time of glory. The specialty of the Scorpion is that they are not afraid of hard labor. You will work hard and get recognition and respect from co-workers and the community. It would be best if you save money this year for future needs. Spend extremely carefully as your money will be your only real friend in the time of need.


Scorpio Health and Physical Wellbeing Annual Forecast 2021: Your physical health will be good throughout this year. The conjunction of Venus and Ketu can cause you minor roubles in health. The effect of Venus in your horoscope can cause gender complications to both men and women. Skin infections and sensitivities may affect you. This year, there is no possibility of any severe fatal disease, but care is required. Though at the beginning of the year, Mars will increase your immunity powers. Mars also affects blood-related conditions. So be careful about diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, etc. At home, some older person's well-being will be a matter of concern. Rahu will cause the poor health of the spouse. Spouses should take care of each other's health.


Scorpio Career, Business, and Wealth Annual Forecast 2021: You will put all your energies and power into your business and profession and get concrete outcomes to this. There will be an increase in your salary, income or profits. Your labor and hard work will benefit in monetary terms. You will leave behind your competitors and business opponents far away by applying your knowledge and experience.

Mars will make you a conqueror over your enemies. You will employ unique techniques in your business and profession and will get concrete results. There will be a great expansion in your contacts and relations. You will meet new people. Do not trust anyone in monetary affairs; keep away from dealing with strangers. The situation of Ketu in your horoscope shows a great opportunity for earnings in export-import and trading abroad. It would be best if you kept an alert watch over your competitor's activities. Your competitors and business rivals can go to any boundary to drag you down but will not succeed in their plan. They will charge against you in the government and administration department. There may be circumstances of investment in the property till February. Drive carefully, particularly in June and July. As Mars position in transit is not favorable


Scorpio Family, Children, and Relatives Annual Forecast 2021: This year is for family fulfillment for the Scorpions. Rahu may cause the worry of the spouse. Parents' blessings and love will play a significant role in your path of progress. There will be more misunderstandings in discussions with relatives about property matters. Saturn will create a strong circumstance for expenditure for children. There will be a huge expense for their study, career, or wedding. There will be a little disagreement of opinions between father and son. Jupiter will be retrograde transiting from June to October, indicating hospital visits for any family members' failing health. There will be no chance of getting help from friends circle. They will criticize you and make fun of you.

Scorpio Education, Study, and Career Annual Forecast 2021: This year, Saturn causing its disturbances in studies for students. There will be a lack of attention. Competitive exams relating to jobs, careers, and departmental exam results will be in your favour. Till June, the job and studies situation. will be favorable slight this period, Jupiter will be in orbit transit, Keep your administrators and superior officers at the workplace satisfied, Although, the condition about job and profession may be unfavorable. You are the Scorpions. This will be a year of accomplishments for biochemical engineers, mechanical engineers, legal students etc.

You will not forego your focus, notwithstanding several problems and disruptions. You may acquire new techniques, new skills in particular fields. Keep away from social media as far as possible.


Scorpio Romance and Friends Annual Forecast 2021: You should be careful in your love life and love affairs. Saturn may cause rumors, defamation and create tensions in the family due to love relationships. Due to Jupiter being placed in a retrograde position in June and October, there may be tensions in love relations. There may be some distress due to a third person's intervention in your love relationships. It would be best if you stayed away from illicit extramarital relationships. A matter of attention is that your number of friends will decrease, but the one friend will continue to be with you. You will also help a needy friend.


Scorpio Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Occasions Annual Forecast 2021: There is a thin chance of buying a new vehicle this year. There will be an ongoing expense for the repair of old vehicles. You will spend on the rehabilitation of vehicles. Keep your vehicle in an operating position. There may be a chance of damage in a mishap, so be mindful. Use all the protection measures like helmets and seatbelts while driving. There are chances of Over-expenditure. You will have to pay for a child's education, but you must treat this as an investment. Between April and September, there is the promise of favorable situations. Try to control your overspending.


Scorpio Losses, Loans and Mishappenings Annual Forecast 2021: This year, Your negligence can invite some unpleasant experiences. There is a possibility of an electric short circuit. Rahu may invite the possibility of cheating also. Both events will be because of your negligence. Get your electrical goods repaired quickly. As far as money is concerned, you may apply for loans at banks to improve your business and shape your plans. You will get the loan that you will require to repay in installment. Keep a watch on an employee's actions. Don't trust anyone for monetary matters.


Scorpio Travels Annual Forecast 2021: There is a possibility of organizing some holy trips. You will visit sacred places. Business trips will not be productive as expected.