Fish Aquarium | Direction, Numbers, and Color of Fishes as per Vastu Shastra

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  • 5th May 2020

Fish Aquarium | Direction, Numbers, and Color of Fishes as per Vastu Shastra

Fishes are a symbol of movement, peace, calmness, well-being, prosperity, and abundance. Keep your Fish Aquarium in the drawing-room or living room where it is noticeable to every person.



What is the best direction to keep the fish aquariums?

The best direction to keep the fish aquariums is preferably East or North. If you provide only veg food to Fish, then you may keep it in North-East direction also. The best place for Fish Tank is near the entrance adjacent to the north or east wall of the drawing-room or Living room.

If we keep the water-based things at the proper place, they will add to our good luck. So you should never keep the fish aquarium in the bedroom, kitchen, or toilet.



How many Numbers and Colors of Fishes in Aquarium as per Vastu Shastra?

As per Vastu and Feng shui, You should keep Nine Fish in your small aquarium or fishbowl. Out of these nine fish, eight should be red or golden, and one should be black color. It adds to your good luck prosperity and happiness. Fishes bring great luck. Fishes consume your misfortune, adversities, and negative energy of the room.



Impact of Fishes in Astrology and Palmistry

In Astrology Fishes have a significant impact, as Fish was 1st avatar of Lord Vishnu. A pair of Fishes is a symbol to 12th zodiac sign - Pisces- in Astrology. Pisces a mute sign - signifies peace and patience. A pair of Fish floating jointly signifies marital harmony and understanding in newlyweds couples.
The sign of Fish is also lucky in Palmistry. This symbol is frequently used in the decoration of different places and things. Fishes add to your profits and wealth.



Fishes Protect from Evil and Negative forces

Fishes sleep with open eyes and therefore look regularly in action. As Fish sleep with open eyes, they are like a home protector.  Fishes protect our home twenty-four hours a day from all the evil and adverse forces. It is believed that Evil energy cannot enter an area where someone is awake. Open eyes of Fish prevent the entry of harmful elements. It is best to rear Fish for soothing one's nerves.



What should do if one or two Fishes dies?

Fishes are sensitive to changes in the environment. So, any change in their place or atmosphere puts an impact on them. Fishes absorb harmful energies; as a result, one or two fish may die. With this, Fish warns you about the possible approaching crisis. In this case, it is advisable to take precautions. It's better to find out the cause and make the necessary corrections in your environment. It is said if any of your Goldfish dies, it takes away many misfortunes with itself. Otherwise, you will suffer from bad luck.  If any of your Goldfish dies, don't get disappointed, replace that Fish with the new one.



Take care of Fish Aquarium

Keep a simple, clean, and clear aquarium in the room. Prefer to install Rectangular, circular, or bowl shape aquariums.  Make proper arrangements for air, lighting, and filtering the water. You may also fix artificial plants, toys, small pebbles, etc. to increase the beauty of Fish Aquarium. Clean the Fish Aquarium regularly.


How to keep care of Fisess in Aquarium?

The fast action of fishes is preferable as the movement of fishes make you energetic. Fish is an only living being and pet who needs very little care. It is your moral duty to provide them their suitable food on time and take care of them to the best possible way.

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