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  • 6th Oct 2020

Vastu for a stress-free life and positive energy

Vastu for a stress-free life and positive energy: Vastu is a science that helps us to maintain a balance between mother nature and humans. It's aim is to attain good health, wealth, and peace in life. In today's throat cut competition, we all are leading an extremely stressful life. With this stress, it is impossible to enjoy a healthy life and live with harmony and peace.


However, by adopting some easy to follow Vastu tips, we can reduce our stress to a great extent. Vastu Shastra helps to reduce negative energy and invite positive energy to our home or workplace.


Vastu tips for positive energy to lead a stress-free life


Main door/ entrance-- the main door access the entry point of every kind of energy to your house. Make sure to keep the entrance/ main door clean and attractive to invite positive energy, thereby helping you live without stress.


Clutter-free North-East direction-- always keep the North-East corner of your house neat and clean. Never keep any unused,  broken, unwanted, rusted, and untidy item there. A clean and tidy North-East invites positive energy and helps you to lead a stress-free life.


Open and clean Brahmasthan-- Make sure to keep the central area (Brahmasthan) of your house clean, uncluttered, empty, and light.


Kitchen walls and utensils-- use pastel colors to color your kitchen walls and keep them clean. Dirty walls and utensils result in increased stress in the house. Make sure not to leave dirty utensils in the kitchen sink. If you can't clean them at night, just rinse them with water.


Bed and Mirrors in the bedroom-- if you have a mirror in the bedroom, it is best to remove it or cover it at night. Keep the bed in your bedroom so that it should not touch the wall and have a headrest. As per vastu, bed boxes are also not advisable. But if you have a bed with boxes, it should not contain any discarded or useless item. The bed box should be cleaned regularly.


Direction while sleeping-- As per vastu shastra, it is best to sleep with the head toward the south direction. This helps you to enjoy a sound sleep. Otherwise, it can be towards east or West directions. Never sleep with your head placed towards the north direction in any case. This will give rise to health problems and stress levels. CLICK HERE to Know more about Sleeping Direction


Drinking in the bedroom-- always avoid drinking alcohol in your bedroom as this habit results in increasing stress and decreasing positive energy in the house.


Power of pastel hues-- get your walls painted in pastel colors pastel are light colors not only spread positive energy but also invite positivity into your place. Positivity in and around your home leads to reduce the stress levels.


Furniture and furnishings-- Avoid dark coloured furniture and furnishings as it acts as an obstacle to positivity. Try to buy a light coloured sofa,  chairs, curtains, etc. Light colors help in spreading positivity and thereby remove the stress from your house.


Importance of plants -- plants give immense pleasure to all human beings. Keep some indoor and outdoor plants in and around your place. Vastu provides some guidelines for the plants which should be kept. You should follow these vastu tips for trees and plants to invite positive energy and enjoy a stress-free happy life.


Meditate and exercise -- it is best to adopt a regular exercise and meditation routine. These releases feel-good hormones inside your body and make you feel stress-free.


So, welcome the positive energy into your house and live a stress-free, happy, healthy, and harmonious life. For any Vastu related services you may call Vastu consultant 98 1010 5727

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