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  • 23rd Jun 2020

7 Tips to Make your Home Monsoon Ready

" if it never rains, then we'll never grow," is a famous quote. Rain symbolizes the Clearing and removal of negative energy. So, "Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul" is well said. 

According to Vastu Shastra, there is an Ultimate and unique bonding between rain and positivity. Monsoon showers bring positive energy to your home by removing all toxins of bad energy from your home. But to get the maximum benefits of monsoon, you should follow some Vastu tips. By following steps, you will prevent the diseases and also cure monsoon diseases. Today the entire world is facing the pandemic "Corona Virus." These Vastu tips for Home not only help you to get prevention from monsoon related diseases as well as from coronavirus. And if you are already infected, then also they will certainly help you to cure fast.

Vaastu for Home | 7 tips to prevent and cure different diseases

1- Opening the doors and windows-- Make sure to open the doors and windows facing North-East direction after the first few monsoon showers. This will bring positive energy and good luck and remove the negative vibes from your home. You must also be sure that the rainwater should not enter through the South-East and West direction into your house as it is inauspicious and hamper the good luck. In this way, the increased positivity will help you to prevent and cure diseases. 

2- Pest Control: Make sure to have pest control at your home before the monsoon. Specially treat the drains, holes, and cracks of kitchen and bathroom. Pest control is necessary to avoid pests and insects. According to Vastu Shastra, insects and pests carry negative energy, which is harmful to health. So, to prevent yourself from different diseases, it is advisable to have pest control. 

3- Fixed the exposed wires: According to Vastu Shastra, exposed wires can fuel negativity in your place; negative energy is a source of Poor health, so to enjoy your life with good health, it is best to make the exposed and unattended wires fixed before the monsoon. Faulty cables may also result in serious accidents.

4- Keep your home neat and clean: Due to rainfall and less sunlight, Sometimes we face the problem of wet floor and furnishings. Sometimes the flooring in the open areas has green colored fungi. Try your best to keep the floor and the other regions neat and tidy. Cleanliness brings good luck and health, wealth, and happiness. Therefore it helps you to prevent different diseases. 

5- The power of fragrance: Vastu considers the importance of fragrances and aromas in bringing positivity to your house. "Camphor" has powerful healing properties. You can burn it to purify the air. Different fresh flowers and aromatic incense sticks can also be used to fill your home with positive Vibes.

Mopping the floor with boiled Neem leaves for phenyl will also help you eliminate negative energy. This will enhance positive Vibes and help you to enjoy good health. 

6- Plant the different Herbs and medicinal plants: Planting different Herbs and medicinal plants-- different plants and Herbs like tulsi, lemongrass, aloe vera, moringa leaves, mint, etc. have medicinal properties. You can place them to remove the impurities and also to get the maximum benefits from them.

7- Salt therapy:  According to Vastu Shastra, salt can use to bring positive energies; it will improve the health of family members. Despite taking so many precautions, if any family member has been ill for a long time, you can take salt therapy. Take some rock salt in a bowl and keep it at the patient's bedside. Make sure that the head of the patient is towards the East. This will undoubtedly improve the patient's health as the rock salt absorbs the negative energy of that place. However, it is also important to note one thing that makes sure to change the salt in one or two days. It would be best if you threw the used salt in any drain. This Vastu tip will undoubtedly cure the patient of the diseases.

Following the above guidelines of the Vastu, the right way encourages the flow of positive energies in your house and removes the negativity. This balancing of positive and negative energy will bring good health to your life.

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