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  • 30th Apr 2021

Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Pooja Ghar, Pooja room, Worship room, Puja Mandir, whatever name is, offer worship here to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to our home.


17 Vastu Tips For Pooja Room


1- The best place for Pooja room in the home is North-East direction of Pooja room.


2- Place idols in Pooja room so that idols should be faced west, South-West or South direction. It means at the time offering prayer; one should face towards East, North-East or North direction.


3- Do not make Pooja Ghar next to the toilet or kitchen.


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4- Do not make Pooja room above, below to the kitchen or toilet


5- South direction is inauspicious for worship room.


6- Avoid Pooja room in the bedroom.


7- Avoid Pooja room in Store.


8- Prefer to apply for white or bright yellow marble work on the floor of Pooja Ghar.


9- The most suitable colour of Pooja room is white, bright yellow or bright blue.


10- The Pooja room should have more opening, doors and windows in the North, NE or the East.


11- You may lit a Lamp in the southeast or east corner of the Pooja Ghar.


12-  It will be auspicious if you make the Pooja room a pyramid shape.


13- During the menses period, Women should avoid entering the worship room.


14- It is best to make the Haven or Agni kund in the southeast direction of the Pooja room.


15- It would be fine if you performed holy offerings to the fire to look towards the east direction.


16- Make almirah in south, south-west and west direction of Pooja room.


17- Avoid placing idols precisely in front of the door.

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