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10 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rs. 7000

10 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Ten-faced Rudraksha is related to Lord Vishnu or Janardhana.


It help to get material gains from all directions.


The wearer acquires a sense of security.


It protects native from the malefic impact of all Planets, evil influences of souls, the fear from snakes bites and litigation and arrest or imprisonment, etc.


In Tantrik rites, it carries a particular Value. The one who wears it is safe from all Tantrik attacks of Maran, Mohan, and Akal Mritiyu, etc. It also helps in curing chronic diseases.


Ten Mukhi Rudraksha has no ruling planet and is used to nullify malefic influences of all the planets.


Mantra for Wearing

"Om Shreem Hreem KJeem Vreem Om"


Asya shree Janardan mantrasya narad rishih

 anushtupchhandah, Janardano devata, Shjreem beejam,Hreem shaktih, abhhesht siddhyarthe Rudraksh dharanarthe jape