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21 Mukhi Rudraksha

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21 Mukhi Rudraksha: Twenty-one face Rudraksha:


Twenty-one faced Rudraksha is related to Ek-AIakh-Niranjan.


The wearer this Rudraksha will connect deeply in Bhakti.


It is known as the Omkar (Om) itself. It is the creator and does the protection of the universe.


Importance of the Rudraksha,The story about the creation of the Rudraksha, How to purify the Rudraksha Rosary, How to wear Rudraksha and to know benfit of RUDRAKSHA CLICK HERE RUDRAKSHA


This Rudraksha belongs to every power. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, with all another God and Goddess, resides in this Twenty-one faced Rudraksha.


The wearer of this Nineteen-faced Rudraksha gets all the happiness, comforts, prosperity, leisure, and joy and in the end, gets the freedom.


Om Hom han sa kham Kha


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